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5 ways to make gaming laptops fast and efficient

You can follow these methods one by one to improve your gaming laptop’s performance by quite a lot.

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If you want to play PC games as well as perform other heavy-duty tasks on your laptop while on the go, then getting a gaming laptop can be a great idea. Thanks to the powerful processors, graphics cards, and other components found in most gaming laptops, you can expect excellent gaming performance from them. Although, if you are using an entry-level or an older gaming laptop, then you may not get the performance levels that you desire. This can be caused due to a number of possible reasons. 

Thankfully, there are various ways to make your gaming laptop much faster. In fact, we are here with the following five ways to make gaming laptops fast and efficient. When you decide to purchase a gaming laptop, there are certain things you should always consider. You can follow these methods one by one to improve your gaming laptop’s performance by quite a lot.

Upgrade to an SSD

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Unlike what you would expect, the primary storage drive of your laptop can also affect its performance quite a lot. If you are using an older laptop, then it is highly likely that it uses a traditional hard drive as its primary boot drive. In such a case, it is highly recommended to upgrade to an SSD for improved gaming performance, quicker loading times, and an overall snappier computing experience from your laptop, or you can simply opt for a gaming laptop under $500 which has at least 100 GB of SSD installed in it.

This is due to the reason that the operating system as well as all of your applications and games are installed on your primary storage drive. And if this drive is slow, all of these programs and games will take quite a long time to load. Thus, upgrading to an SSD makes your gaming laptop perform quite better.

Change Windows Power Plan

Despite being one of the easiest performance fixes for laptops, it is overlooked by a lot of users. This is especially true if you are new to gaming laptops and are using incorrect settings while gaming. While there are various performance-related options in Windows, your current Windows power plan can affect the performance of your gaming laptop by quite a lot.

Some of the common Windows power plans that you will find in your laptop includes battery saver, balanced, high performance, and a few others. And out of all these, choosing the high-performance power plan will result in the highest performance numbers.

You can simply click on the battery icon present on your laptop’s taskbar to switch to the high-performance Windows power plan. Other than this, you should also plug in the charger of your gaming laptop while gaming for the best performance possible.

Check your Internet Connection

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If you play a lot of online multiplayer games on your laptop and still facing lag and stutter issues, then it might be possible that it has nothing to do with your laptop’s hardware. This is especially true if you have a gaming laptop with high end hardware but still facing lag while playing games.

In such cases, all of the lag in your game is most likely being caused due to an unstable internet connection. Since you are playing an online multiplayer game, you’re in-game movement and actions all rely on your internet connection. And if your internet connection is not stable, then you will face lagging issues despite having powerful hardware.

One easy way to check the quality of your internet is to check the ping and loss in your game and ensure that both of them are as low as possible. If not, then you should consider switching to a different internet service provider.

Clean your Laptop Fans and Internals

Unlike most other ways to boost the performance of your laptop, this one is a little different. If you have been using your gaming laptop for quite a long time, then there is a pretty high chance that its cooling fans are covered in dust. Because of this, your gaming laptop can heat up quite a lot during operation.

And if it overheats, both the processor and GPU of your laptop can thermal throttle resulting in poor performance. Hence, it is highly important to regularly open up and clean your laptop from the inside. Although, this may not be easy for all users since it has to be done in the right way to ensure that everything works fine afterward.

Update Drivers and Windows

Other than various hardware fixes ideal for improving the performance of your gaming laptop, there are also a few software fixes that you can try. One such great option is to update your laptop’s drivers and Windows to the latest version.

For updating Windows to the latest version, you can simply go to the Start menu and search “Check for Updates” which will open Windows Settings. Here, your gaming laptop will automatically download and install the latest version of Windows for optimal gaming performance. To update the drivers, you can simply do that via Device Manager in Windows.

With all these various methods, you can easily and effectively increase the gaming performance of your gaming laptop substantially. This can be quite helpful for a smoother gaming experience and an overall smoother computing experience.

Although, if you are using quite an old laptop, even these methods may not work for you. In that case, you should instead get a new laptop with all the latest hardware inside. If you have any doubts regarding the various gaming laptop performance-increasing methods stated above, you can simply leave your queries in the comments section down below.

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