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5 ways to make your tech magazine stand out

Putting together an aesthetically pleasing tech magazine is a huge undertaking but one that reaps great rewards.

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Magazines provide an ideal platform to sell goods and services, give information, broadcast news, and provide a source of entertainment. Magazine printing is an art form that requires time and dedication to turn a publication into a work of art. 

Whether printing digital or physical print magazines, they should be visually pleasing and fun to read. It’sIt’s a great time to be a tech professional, enthusiast, or a run-of-the-mill nerd because the technology sector is going through extraordinary growth.

Tech magazines are cropping up all over the place, and you need a unique strategy to keep your magazine at the top. To get your tech magazine to the top and make sure it stays there, you need to:

  1. Have a consistent theme, style, and color palette

Most tech companies use a combination of different colors in their logos, with blue being the most consistently used. It would help integrate different hues of the color blue in your publication, combining it with red and black for a bold, chic, and intriguing look. The theme and style that you choose for your magazine should be consistent and shared across the whole design, starting from the cover page to the back page.

  1. Present your content in a unique way

Your tech magazine should excitingly provide insightful and valuable information and reflect its theme according to its target audience’s needs. There are several ways to talk about technology. Distinguish how you talk about technology in your magazine by analyzing and understanding emerging technologies and their impact on society commercially and politically, then interestingly present the information. 

There are various customizable design layouts for tech magazines to choose from to help create a unique-looking tech magazine for you.

  1. Nail the cover page

The primary function of a cover in any magazine is to sell the stories inside the issue. A great magazine cover makes for an aesthetically pleasing magazine as well as a fun read. Magazine covers usually have different elements that work together to make the magazine visually striking and stand out from the rest. 

As such, there are essential elements that you should pay particular attention to, and these include:

  • The masthead

The design of the masthead will take your tech magazine brand to the next level. The masthead is the title of your magazine and is the most consistent element in the entire publication. Special care should be taken when designing the masthead as it will be used to identify the magazine, and readers will recognize it from the stands. 

The masthead will use the most prominent font in the magazine. You can, however, change the color and placement of the title to match your issue’s theme and the cover image.

  • The cover image

Your magazine issue’s main story will help you determine whether your cover image will be an illustration or a photograph. Be sure to use high-quality images and even engage the services of professional photographers and illustrators so that you may get clean, crisp, and detailed images that will capture your readers’ attention.

  • The magazine deck

A magazine deck is newspaper lingo for the summary of the headline. It is usually a short phrase or a sentence. The purpose of the deck for your tech magazine is to inform your readers and entice them to read the entire story. For that purpose, your deck should be catchy to grab the reader’s attention.

For a creative cover page, follow the A B C rule that designers use worldwide to create high-impact magazine covers. This simply requires you to stick to one (A) heading (the magazine title), one strong (B) subheading (pulling out one article to be the main focus), and a more extensive selection of more minor (C) sub-headings.

Your magazine cover need not be too bold. It should, however, have a subtle boldness to it. You can draw fine attention to it by having simple graphic callouts with strong headers and subheadings and some teaser lines floating around on the cover to entice your readers and invite them to delve deeper into the publication.

  1. Identify your unique typeface to create your brand

People subconsciously associate particular type styles with specific magazine genres in both digital or physical magazine printing. Your tech magazine could benefit from a high-impact and bold san serif typeface such as Sovereign to make it look cool and modern.

  1. Perfect your contents page

The table of contents page’s design is a crucial aspect of any magazine publication as it allows the readers to navigate through the magazine. The contents page gives the readers a preview of your magazine, and while the usual traditional design for the table of contents may be functional and easy to use, it is also a colossal bore. 

Spice up an otherwise dull and traditional layout and breath a little creative life into your table of contents page. By creating a balanced and elegant content page, you set up the tone for the rest of the publication. 

There are numerous designs one can use to create a striking content page. You may opt to use photographs to create a sophisticated look and tie the whole composition together. Consider the top view or bird’s eye view photography technique which is currently quite famous. What may be seen as an ordinary object from the ground turns into a beautiful, abstract work of art when seen from above.

If your tech magazine has a lot of content, then it is only rational that the contents page will not be restricted to a single page and instead make it a spread. This way, you can pair exciting and relevant images with the page numbers they are found on. Use a bold typeface with bold colors and pictures that represent each section in the magazine.


Putting together an aesthetically pleasing tech magazine is a huge undertaking but one that reaps great rewards. Let your creative juices flow to bring your magazine to life and make it stand out from the rest.

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