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5 ways to use AI to enhance the players’ gaming experience

AI can be a powerful tool for your business. Whether we’re talking about eSports, multiplayer gaming, or iGaming, it can make your platform stand out.

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Artificial intelligence has evolved to impressive levels. When the world met Sophia the Robot, many couldn’t believe that all her replies were on the fly.

She could think and act like a human. Well, aside from the sometimes clunky facial expressions. Nevertheless, it was the first time the majority of people started taking the concept of AI seriously.

Fast forward to today, and you can see artificial intelligence examples in many instances. The most prominent use of AI outside of robotics and banking is in video games, betting, and gambling. Let’s see how you can use this technology to enhance the player experience.

Use a gaming assistant

Often, players might find themselves stuck when making a decision or navigating your website. A gaming assistant can help them find events, see the odds, and calculate how much they should bet based on their budget.

Just like Siri or Alexa, a gaming assistant can listen to vocal commands, so players with sausage fingers won’t have to type on their smartphone’s tiny keyboard. The assistant also doubles as a customer support agent that can answer the most frequently asked questions. In case it can’t find an appropriate answer, it will redirect the player to the most qualified human agent.

AI prevents gambling addiction

Artificial intelligence recognizes patterns. If a player seems to be spending a lot of money consistently, it intervenes automatically.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, it might even suspend their account automatically and send them links to helpful pages. Some might think, “why would I do that if that player keeps pumping money in my platform?”

You see, casinos often get a bad rep for enabling destructive behavior. Even if you don’t care at all about human life, you should consider the harmful effects gambling addiction has on your business. If news gets out that your platform got a player to spend their entire life savings for nothing, lawsuits will be just around the corner.

Say goodbye to cheaters and frauds

Ill intent is so prevalent on the gaming and casino scene that it’s absolutely ridiculous. Anti-cheat systems have existed for years now, but they weren’t always efficient.

However, since the dawn of AI, cheating has become next to impossible. A sophisticated algorithm can detect even the slightest change in data transmitted by a player. If one is using cheating software, the AI bans them automatically.

Similarly, AI can detect when a player might be attempting to scam the system. For example, if one account only makes small bets here and there but then starts to bet massive amounts at a poker table, it could be a sign that the account got hacked.

Similarly, if a player deposits a large sum of money, makes a few measly bets, and then cashes out everything, that could be a sign of money laundering. The AI can even contact local authorities directly if it detects such suspicious activity. This will help you maintain a cleaner business image.

Better simulations

Many new players arrive on the scene almost daily. Of course, most of them want to test their luck or skills safely before betting real money.

With the power of AI, you can create challenging poker simulations from which newbies and pros alike can learn. Better competition means better chances of extending your ROI.

Create tailor-made experiences

People are different, and that’s a good thing. But we’re not here to discuss philosophy. When it comes to preferences, each individual likes one thing and dislikes another.

AI can determine what games a person likes by how much they access a title. This way, it can sort the list to reflect their preferences better and make more competent recommendations based on the same logic.

Not only that, but AI also customizes the experience based on how much money and how often a person bets. It allows for an authentic custom experience that only a good psychoanalyst and marketer could offer in real-life scenarios.


AI can be a powerful tool for your business. Whether we’re talking about eSports, multiplayer gaming, or iGaming, it can make your platform stand out.

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