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6 amazing benefits of managed hosting to all businesses

Choose wisely and with managed hosting, save wisely in your business.

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Nowadays, almost every business runs on a bunch of PCs connected with servers. It is the very first thing you do while setting up your office- you go to the market and buy PCs and servers.

Now, as a large scale business like Google, you can afford to run and manage those servers yourselves. But when you have just started and don’t have much money or time to spare, you need a professional set of hands doing these tasks. 

That is one of the benefits of managed hosting. Managed hosting, also known as dedicated hosting, is a service where a third-party provider takes care of the administration, problem-solving, and maintenance of your hardware and cloud computing resources. The opposite of this is unmanaged hosting or shared hosting. 

Usually, the hosting provider that supplies you with the servers and other hardware also performs these duties if you opt for managed hosting. Hostgator and GoDaddy are some of the popular managed hosting providers in India. 

But Hostgator provides unlimited web hosting services at unbelievably low rates and hassle-free service. It has various hosting plans to meet your company’s server and budget constraints. Whether your business is new or an established one, Hostgator can take care of all your hosting requirements.  

How does Managed Hosting work?

To establish a hosting arrangement, you must have a physical server at your own workplace. You end up spending a lot of money and space on that. Instead, you can have your company’s server at a large data center (owned by the hosting provider). 

In simple terms, instead of finding space at your own office, you are leasing space at your provider’s data center (also called colocation). The hosting provider’s data center hosts your servers among many others. But don’t worry, because your server is well-compartmentalized and secured. 

Depending on your business needs, you can communicate with the hosting provider and download or upgrade bandwidth or space quickly. In managed hosting, your service provider also takes care of any issues that might arise, keeping your website from going down. 
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Benefits of Managed Hosting:

  1. Lowers your operating costs

When you get unmanaged hosting services, you think you are saving by managing the servers yourselves. But, in reality, you end up splurging a lot more in hidden costs. You will need to hire all kinds of staff from database admins to system admins and provide them with their own equipment. 

But if yours is a small-scale business especially, then, you should have managed hosting for your servers. It eliminates additional costs and workforce and allows you to focus on your main work, leaving the server managing to a good hosting provider.

  1. Professional hand

Protecting your business servers from viruses, building a firewall system around them, updating OS regularly and running security audits- all this is server maintenance. Now, rather than doing these tasks yourselves, you can get your hosting provider to do it for you. They are anyhow more capable of doing it.

Hiring a good hosting provider for your servers ensures that your business remains in tip-top shape. You can focus your time on dealing with your clients while your hosting provider takes care of any server issues.

  1. Server Monitoring

One of the primary features of managed hosting is that the provider detects any vulnerabilities and irregularities proactively. This is vital in a business that runs 24*7. It’s one of the most important benefits of managed hosting. 

Whereas in unmanaged hosting, you will have to hire a team of professionals to perform this task. Not just that, you will have to stop company operations to allow this to happen. Imagine the kind of losses you can incur in that time. 

  1. Support

In a business environment, any glitch or bug can hamper a major deal worth a lot of money. In such situations, you need someone on-hand who can resolve these issues instantly. 

With managed hosting, you not only get a professional to look after your PCs, but instead of just the one IT guy, you get an entire team available 24*7, just waiting for you to call. Your system issues are resolved faster and you can sooner get back to work. That important video conference that you had scheduled need not be postponed now. 

  1. Backups


Balance sheets, confidential information and employee info, almost any information the company servers have need to be backed up. This is valuable information that the company just can’t afford to lose, for the sake of the integrity of the business.

In managed hosting, all the information is backed up automatically in a secure location. A good hosting provider has strategies/contingencies in place, to handle any loss of data. 

But with unmanaged hosting, your data is not secure and can be lost very easily. And after that, you will be the one taking action to prevent further loss. 

  1. Flexibility

When you buy hardware for your business, you build the infrastructure the internet shows you. But with managed hosting, the hosting provider designs your IT infrastructure depending on your business needs. They also take your budget into consideration. 

Think about all the money you’ll be wasting with unmanaged hosting. Wouldn’t it be better with managed hosting, where you can invest all the saved money in furthering the business? 

So, if there’s the startup fever on your mind and you want to quickly get a website up and running, you know what you get managed hosting. I think the above-mentioned benefits of managed hosting can do the convincing themselves.

I no longer need to speak on their behalf. But keep in mind, there are many types of web hosting services that you can get in the market and a wide range of hosting plans that you can opt from. WordPress hosting, VPN hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting are just a few kinds of hosting services that your website might need. Choose wisely and with managed hosting, save wisely in your business. 

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