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6 benefits of using PDF files with your businesses

PDF files have many advantages over traditional file types. They are safe, secure, and come with a variety of benefits that cannot be matched elsewhere.


PDF – or Portable Document Format – are great types of files that have many uses, particularly within the commercial sector, as they can be easily used to safely and securely send documents.

Their popularity and ubiquity have made them an industry standard, and there are many good reasons for this. Despite their relative ease, many don’t bother converting files to PDF before sending them, but the truth is that this is absolutely something businesses should do. Here are some of the reasons why.

First, PDF’s make it hard for documents to edit, and these documents cannot be easily edited without a PDF editor. This might seem like a relatively minor thing, but it can be important if your agency values security and wants to make sure that a document cannot be edited to make it look as if it says something else.

This is related to the second point: PDF documents have a variety of security options. You can adjust the settings appropriately so that these documents are password-protected, thus ensuring that the only person who sees them is the person who you intended to see them. You can also alter their settings so that no one can print a document. Again, these settings are all obviously optional, but they allow you to better protect the security of your documents.

Third: PDF files are compressed before sending. If you have limited internet bandwidth, limited storage, or are trying to send or receive a file on a mobile device, this can make your life much easier. Indeed, smaller file sizes are frequently cited as one of the top benefits of PDFs.

Fourth, PDF files are highly versatile for sending and receiving documents. You can turn almost any file type – such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint – into a PDF. This means that you can combine all types of files into one easy to use extension and this allows all of these files to be opened, sent, or edited as the same type.

Fifth, PDFs are very mobile friendly. Thanks to the proliferation of apps that can be used for these purposes, it can be easy to open a PDF document on your phone and make sure that you are able to view it without zooming and unzooming. If you frequently open PDFs on your phone, it may be well worth it to download a professional PDF viewer. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that PDFs work on virtually any operating system. Regardless of if you use Windows, iOS, or even Linux, PDFs work. This makes them ideal for when you are sending a document across multiple industries or uploading something to the internet so it can be read by anyone. Indeed, if you work in a multi-disciplinary field, this practically makes using PDFs a requirement. 

PDF files have many advantages over traditional file types. They are safe, secure, and come with a variety of benefits that cannot be matched elsewhere. 

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