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6 high-tech innovations for seniors with arthritis

Utilizing tech-based solutions to ease arthritis pains and aches can significantly improve your quality of life. 

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As people begin to age, they often encounter adverse health conditions for the first time due to long-term bodily wear and tear. From cardiovascular diseases that cause your heart to work in overdrive to hypertension resulting in dangerous blood pressure imbalances, seniors are no stranger to chronic, life-altering ailments. 

A particularly common condition wreaking havoc on elderly communities is arthritis, a debilitating health complication that causes painful joint inflammation and ligament breakdown. Nearly 50 percent of adults over 65 live with varying degrees of arthritis, with some experiencing limb pain and weakness and others finding themselves immobile due to severe joint deterioration.

While there is no cure for this disease, therapeutic advancements have significantly improved, mitigating treatment over the past decade, with many medical professionals suggesting new high-tech solutions for chronic sufferers. 

If you have chronic arthritis and are looking for a way to reduce joint stress and alleviate painful flare-ups, read on for six tech-based solutions that can improve your day-to-day life and overall wellbeing. 

Computers designed with seniors with arthritis in mind

For seniors living with arthritis-inflamed joints, navigating your daily life can become strenuous as unexpected roadblocks impede your ability to perform simple tasks. In particular, operating computer technology can be challenging, with many aging adults reporting significant discomfort and painful flare-ups at prolonged use. From unsupportive chairs, which can exacerbate the condition, to mouse and keyboard usage that send shooting pains up your limbs, computer usage can do a number on arthritis-ridden adults. 

Thankfully, manufacturers have begun rolling out tailor-made devices for elderly folk, with comfortable, ergonomic designs made specifically to help mitigate arthritis pain. Brands like The Wow Computer feature systems with touch screen capabilities to forgo mouse and keyboard usage along with senior-friendly customization settings to simplify use. 

Toilet seat modifications

Another technical solution for seniors with arthritis is a raised toilet to reduce hunching and eliminate the need to bend toward a low-to-the-ground seat. Unfortunately, many elderly folks struggle to use the bathroom without significant effort and debilitating pain, which is why adjusting the height of the basin is typical for seniors with chronic disabilities. Additionally, aging individuals who struggle in the bathroom should consider installing a high-quality bidet to reduce painful reaching and unhygienic conditions. 

Kitchen hacks 

Seniors who experience arthritis symptoms chronically often find it challenging to use small, difficult-to-grip kitchen items, like silverware and tightly shut jars. Thankfully, simple devices can ease joint tension, allowing aging adults to navigate their space and remain independent. Gadgets like jar openers, weighted utensils, and reaching sticks can significantly reduce pain during simple tasks, allowing elderly folks to continue to cook pain-free. 

Door-opening devices

For elderly folks who deal with severe arthritis, something as simple as opening a door can cause extreme pain as they struggle to grasp and twist the handle with weak, shaking hands. To combat discomfort, many aging adults have begun taking advantage of doorknob assists that require little movement to prop open the door. Simply place the turner overtop of your handle and bypass painful struggles to grasp and turn your knob.

Hygiene tools

If you suffer from arthritis-induced pain, you likely understand how challenging seemingly simple tasks can be. In particular, many seniors with joint pain find personal hygiene difficult to upkeep because of intricate hand movements and small difficult-to-use products. Luckily, devices like long-handled hair washers and rotating nail clippers allow seniors to continue their self-care routine without pain flares. 

Final thought

While installing and operating accessibility devices may come with a slight learning curve, utilizing tech-based solutions to ease arthritis pains and aches can significantly improve your quality of life. 

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