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6 reasons why should you watermark images?

A catchy watermark will do well in the market if it is associated with a professional name.

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Image: Ste Knight / KnowTechie

The digital realm has evolved beyond the point of fathoming in today’s world. Things continue to amuse people on a daily basis; different forms of media are perhaps the reason that shoulder the blame. Among the different kinds of media that people come across, they can see things, such as movies, videos, pictures, animations, gifs, etc. One impressive and perhaps primitive form of media among the aforementioned options is pictures. A typical website today contains several images, at least one or two, as it engages the audience.

It does keep the netizens busy as they scrounge for the thing they visited the website for. With the growing number of businesses, it is safe to say that the online content creation process is increasing exponentially.

However, this expansion offers its fair share of challenges as well. The first and foremost of these challenges is the repetition or similarity of one’s ideas, this gives rise to claims and whatnot as the one who has been proven guilty has to pay for what he/she has done. And just like any other piece of media, pictures are subjected to the same situations as well; if one finds himself/herself in a tough situation regarding keeping the images safe, Visual Watermark can definitely come in handy.   

Watermarking: A boon for many  

The digital realm is a tough one to traverse if one doesn’t know the way it works, as anything can be copied and shared without the consent of the owner. Online anti-piracy measures have become a real thing, and so have their laws. In an era where personal belongings are being traded for money online, the surety of having a secure tool to protect the same has become a priority nonetheless. 

Given below are a few concrete reasons why watermarking an image in today’s digital realm will benefit the user.

  • It serves as an identity 

The first and foremost thing that a watermark is needed for is giving the image a touch of its owner’s identity. One can add his/her initials or the organization’s name as a watermark on an image and publish it. Since there are a gazillion images present online today, adding an identification tool to an image serves as a security step as well. For many users, adding a watermark that contains their identity offers a sense of belonging and pride that has been associated with the work done either in clicking or creating an image.  

  • Protection of individual rights becomes easier 

The addition of a watermark also serves as a protection tool for the owner’s work. Since piracy is on the rise, the protection of an individual’s work has become more crucial than ever before. A watermark clearly indicates the owner of the image. Subsequently, an individual misusing the image without the consent of the original owner will surely get into serious trouble when caught.   

  • A viable proof of ownership in times of crisis 

A watermark also serves as a viable defense option in a crisis. For example, a court case where the owner has been labeled a fake by the one misusing it can be shown the watermark and its association with the original owner. This will definitely serve as a viable proof for the so-called “fake” owner to claim his/her ownership of the image.  

  • A great tracking tool 

A person can have a plethora of images to work with, his/her naming system devised for the images might work in some cases, but it might not work in situations where they’re lost to a malicious practice. In such a case, the user can simply use his/her watermark as a tracking tool to find out the lost image. 

  • It also serves as a marketing tool 

If a professional and renowned photographer puts a catchy watermark on his/her image, surely that image will do rounds on the internet, enabling his market value to increase exponentially. It serves as an excellent marketing tool, as well. This is why individuals, as well as organizations, use it today. At Watermarkly, one can get his/her picture watermarked with ease.

  • It adds a professional touch to the image 

As mentioned above, a catchy watermark will do well in the market if it is associated with a professional name. One might say that putting a watermark is an easy thing as one can use Photoshop and do the same, but here’s where things tend to differ. A professional’s touch will always be better than that of someone who is either a rookie or a thief.

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