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6 ways product labels can promote your branding

No matter the size of your business, promoting your brand using product labels can be a tricky affair.

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Imagine going to a store, seeing a product with nicely done packaging, checking the price, and paying for it immediately. In a buyer’s eyes, labels define a brand. Most people attach the value they get from a product through its label. Whether you are a small business or a giant company, customizing your product labels to accentuate your brand is a vital marketing gimmick you should consider if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Stickers and avery labels can boost your brand recognition in the following ways:

1. Versatile uses

Stickers and labels can be used in all types of products. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, you can use them as your marketing tool to make your brand more visible. With labels comes versatility. Apart from sticking the labels on your products, you can go the extra mile of making printed brochures and flyers to promote your marketing campaign.

2. Labels provide information about your product’s utility factor

If you have been keen on product labels, you will notice that manufacturers display information related to the buyer’s interest. For example, a skincare product may include extra information on the ingredients, directions for usage and the manufacturer’s address.

In your customer’s eyes, beautiful packaging is not enough as far as their needs are concerned. They also want to know how they will benefit from the said product and if you are trustworthy. You can make your product label stand out from the crowd by using eye-appealing colors and creative shapes.

3. Labels make the packaging and product more relatable

While using elegant-looking labels can increase your brand visibility, it would be absurd to use packaging that does not compliment your product. You do not expect a skincare product to look similar to food products. If you are selling skincare products, use relatable pictures of models and skin-related information. Your customers already know what a beauty product is, but they want to know why they should consider yours over the rest. If the product is attractive enough, go for transparent labels.

4. Labels attract loyalty

It may take months or years to build your brand, but what matters is how you plan to make your buyers loyal to you. Customers have a particular liking towards a product that is consistent. Your labels remind your customers of the company’s logo, tagline and brand name. Even if you introduce a better version of your product today, they will still buy it because you have been consistent all through.

5. Labels make your products more recognizable

All companies start small. Some of them have been in business long enough to understand how daunting it is to gain market visibility, particularly if the brand does not stand out. The more your product is visible to a buyer’s eyes, the higher your chances of getting more sales. The best way to ensure your product remains visible is by getting your labels designed and printed by a reputable professional service.

6. Portray your generosity through custom labels displaying promotional offers

The first thing a customer notices as soon as they walk into a store is a promotional offer. There is a close connection between promotional offers and sales.  A product with a promotional offer gets more sales than another one that does not, even if the latter is of high quality. In the eyes of your potential buyer, you appear to be a generous company that values customers’ loyalty.

Buy-one-get-one-free is an excellent example of a promotional offer that appeals to most buyers rather than reducing your product prices. They cannot begin to imagine how they will gain from two products for the price of one. Another good example is free giveaways. If you are selling detergents, you can include a free bucket with a custom printed label displaying your logo and brand name.

No matter the size of your business, promoting your brand using product labels can be a tricky affair. Customers rely on your labels to know what to expect. It does not matter whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting. As long as your labels are professionally designed and printed and meet quality standards, your potential customers will not have any problem rewarding you with their loyalty. In addition, it will also help adding value to your business brand along with other digital marketing efforts that you are implementing.

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