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6 ways to make the most of your iPhone battery life

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With all the incredible capabilities of smartphones these days, it seems that we sometimes forget about the basics. A strong battery life is essential for so many users of smartphones which, let’s face it, is just about everyone you know.

However, iPhone users who have had their phone for a little while, commonly experience issues with battery life in terms of how long their phone lasts, how quickly it loses battery power and how certain apps and actions drain that battery quickly. For some entertainment you can visit slotsbaby, they have all the latest mobile slots to play.

Apple has even had to answer claims about the longevity of their phones, with many grabbing battery replacements this summer in the wake of such news. Some of us were able to purchase a battery replacement at a discount price and others, still with old batteries that don’t seem to last the day, are wondering how is best to keep their phone alive.

These tips on saving battery may be simple, but ultimately, they are effective and should help those iPhone users among us who didn’t get their battery replaced.

Turn your Bluetooth off

Many of the iPhone’s functions are continuously turned on when you switch your phone on. These, although useful tools, drain the battery even when they’re not explicitly being used.

Bluetooth is one of these functions as, despite it being a smart way to connect to some speakers or whatever else, for the majority of the time, it being turned on isn’t necessary. And it’s easy to switch off, too, as a simple swipe up from the bottom of your screen will reveal a display in which you’ll see the Bluetooth logo alongside that of WiFi, Mobile connectivity and Airplane Mode.

Tap the Bluetooth logo and it will turn on and off – a simple tip to save a little bit of battery power.

Turn off background refreshing

Amongst some of your apps – particularly those that take their data from online – there will be aspects of their functions working even when they are not open on your screen.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even those addictive games over at Slots Baby will refresh in the background if you want them, too, making for a quick start when you do open these apps on your screen. However, if you’re not worried about such functions, going into settings and switching the ‘Background App Refresh’ to off. This will have a major effect on your power usage and, with the option to only use the function when on WiFi, you can still get the most of this function when it’s most fitting.

Portable Chargers

External and extremely portable charging devices are becoming more and more common and if you haven’t got one yet, you’re missing out.

They range in prices and in quality, with some simply acting as a means of keeping your phone alive and others being able to fully recharge your device time and time again before requiring charge itself. Whilst this may not be the cheapest tip to save iPhone battery, it’s certainly the most effective and those you are on-the-go or traveling often will definitely reap the benefits of a portable charger very quickly.

Have a shop around and work out what sort you’re after. Big, small, able to charge several devices at once or just one at a time, there is a load of options out there.

Airplane Mode

Your battery is running low and you’re going to need your phone in the next hour. How do you make it survive? One of the most effective ways to prolong your battery is to go into Airplane Mode until you desperately need it.

Invented with the view of making phones flight-friendly, Airplane Mode switches off many of the most battery draining functions like WiFi, 4G and even the ability to receive and make calls. Whilst your phone may not be particularly useful during such a mode, you definitely won’t be able to play your favorite online uk slots. However, it’s chances of surviving until you need to make that call or map that route once you really need it will be increased.

Also, don’t forget you can turn WiFi on in Airplane Mode, too, so if you need to message or email with low battery, this is another useful tool.

Turn down your brightness

Powering a screen is hard work for a battery – especially when you’re on your phone for a long amount of time.

Depending on the conditions that you’re in, you may be able to lower the brightness of your screen right down in order to maintain some of that all-important battery life. If you’re in beaming sun, you will need your brightness up in order to see your screen. However, should you in less light, a low brightness is a fitting set up.

Turning it all the way down will save the most battery life so, if you think you can manage the dimly lit screen, give it a try when your battery is in the red.

Don’t charge it overnight

So many of us hold our smartphones to such importance that we insist on charging them whilst we sleep.

Although this ensures a fully charged phone in the morning, it’s not always necessary. Such a prolonged charge will cause a reliance on the mains socket for your iPhone and gradually, the more and more you charge your phone overnight, the weaker the battery will get.

Don’t be afraid to let your phone die every now and then, too, as this is perfectly normal for a healthy battery. And, assuming you’re not waking up minutes before you leave the house, you’ll have time to get some charge into your iPhone before walking out the door. Or put tip number three into action with your portable charger!

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