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6 wedding technology trends you’re probably not aware of

One might not realise, but technology related to the wedding industry is booming. Examples are different kinds of filming to invites with QR codes, etc.

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Other than making our lives easier, technology also makes everything more interesting. Today, couples are betting on modern features to create a distinctive atmosphere at their wedding party, with a more interactive atmosphere with the guests.

Check out 6 of these novelties that are crashing weddings these days.

Virtual gift list

Almost all wedding websites already offer this service, which creates a symbolic gift list. The value of purchases is converted into money for the bride and groom, which avoids repeated gifts and even allows the amount to be used, for example, to pay for trips during the honeymoon. In case you are invited to a wedding and need ideas for more traditional gifts, has your back.

Hi-tech decoration

It is no longer necessary to decorate the ballroom with flowers. With techniques like projection mapping, graphic animations are launched on the walls, with images of landscapes and people on the move.

Previewing a wedding dress in 360º

What bride has no second thoughts when it comes to buying the dress? Instead of wasting time visiting numerous stores, brides can now save a good deal of time by looking at dresses on the computer. There are applications that show dresses in 360º, offering a much more accurate visualization.

Different kinds of filming

There are many new things in this field. In addition to filming and aerial or 3D photos that are turning into a fever, there is now the option to make real-time streaming of the wedding, so that those who cannot attend the ceremony can still follow it.

Collaborative photos

Another nice service is the collection of photos made by the guests during the party. They can post the images using the wedding hashtag or else create a virtual album. There are even apps in which participants can record all photos taken in one place. Afterward, the couple gets all the images to create an album entirely made by the guests.

Digital invitations

Many wedding invitations already come with QR codes, a kind of bar code that, when captured by the camera of a smartphone, provides a lot of information about the party. The guest is directed to a website where they can confirm presence at the event, share photos and even write messages to the newlyweds.

The industry of wedding-related technology is clearly booming, and the options are now almost endless. If you or any of your relatives or friends will marry soon, be sure to apply some of these new technologies for the wedding and have an absolutely new experience.

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