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7 impressive digital tools for digital nomads

Here are seven impressive digital tools for the next-gen digital nomad: 

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Over the past few years, more and more employees have transitioned into the digital nomad lifestyle. And since COVID-19, remote working skyrocketed. Although travel has been limited as of recently, digital nomads are remote employees who prefer to work from different places around the globe. This trend is expected to continue after travel restrictions have been lifted.

However, digital nomads have to run their businesses a little differently than most others. With a high degree of flexibility comes and an equal degree of responsibility. With that in mind, here are seven impressive digital tools for the next-gen digital nomad: 


Croissant is a membership platform that connects remote workers with coworking spaces around the world. This is ideal for digital nomads because they aren’t required to have memberships with one specific co-working space or to pay extra for flexible options to use multiple coworking locations from a specific brand, like WeWork. How it works is simple: sign up for a membership with the number of hours you need, and those hours turn into “credits.” You can use your credits to check into coworking spaces around the world, from San Francisco to Buenos Aires to Lisbon and Bangkok. 


Vidyard is a platform that offers online video hosting features for businesses and entrepreneurs. It allows you to add video to your emails, website, and many other places. With just a few clicks, you can easily learn how to record your screen and attach your video on the go. This is ideal for communicating projects and streamlining tasks. For example, product teams can quickly record product downs and cut back on meeting times. If you simply want to show a client how to invoice you or navigate through their analytics dashboard, easily record your screen, and attach it in an email. There are endless ways you can take advantage of Vidyard capabilities. 


TimeDoctor makes it easy for you to invoice clients, build trust, and automate the payment process. It also helps create accountability across all involved parties. With productivity measuring and summary reports, everyone will be able to see a high-level overview of what you’re working on. For example, you’ll see how much time was spent working on specific accounts or tasks, which applications are websites are most used, and much more. You can then use this data to make smarter business decisions moving forward. 


Surfshark is a fast and secure virtual private network geared towards travelers. It has several useful features, including a no-log policy (which means the provider doesn’t collect or “log” information transmitted over the network, such as browsing history), a kill switch (disconnects your connection automatically if the VPN fails due to connectivity or other issues, and simultaneous connections that allow you to connect to multiple devices. 


TripIt is a great Mac app for remote employees on the move. Digital nomads have a knack and passion for travel, but managing all that travel from your laptop can be a hassle. Between toggling back and forth between email confirmations, Google, and several other platforms, navigating all your upcoming travel is easier said than done. TripIt helps hours of planning become organized in minutes; simply forward all your confirmation emails and you’ll get a streamlined itinerary in no time. You’ll also benefit from plane-friendly features like Dark Mode and offline access.


Krisp is a noise cancellation app that eliminates background noise during work phone calls. This software gently removes the background noise for you or for others, regardless of the type of conferencing software that you use. This can be especially useful for digital nomads who are often working on the road. Perhaps you’re working from a busy coffee shop or a crowded train terminal. With Krisp, you can eliminate those background distractions and boost your professionalism. 


Canva is an excellent tool for quickly creating amazing visuals for yourself or for your clients. Whether you want to create an infographic on Pinterest or a social media cover photo, Canva has got you covered. Even with no design experience, anyone can make Canva work for their needs. There are plenty of templates and examples to help you get started. 

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