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7 tech companies that care for the environment

Did you know that some companies care about the environment? Here are seven of the most eco-friendly companies. Check this list to know more.

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You probably know that humanity produces a huge amount of goods every year. As a result, many production processes are associated with environmental pollution. That is why some companies have decided to take the initiative and introduce eco-friendly initiatives into their business strategy.

In general, this approach to doing business is quite logical, given that people need a way to deal with a huge amount of waste. Here are seven companies that care for the environment.


HP or Hewlett-Packard is one of the leaders in the sector, engaged in the creation of computers and electronics. The company was one of the first to use recyclable cardboard and optimized production processes to reduce the greenhouse effect. Also, HP annually holds conferences and tells startups how to create eco-friendly products to save the Earth from millions of tons of garbage.

What’s more, Hewlett-Packard even reduced the size of the manuals to use less paper. However, this decision did not affect the information content of the booklets. They are still as detailed as the EWritingService review, and you can find out everything about the product you bought.


Many of Apple’s initiatives are purely marketing and trying to maximize sales. However, the company is spending huge amounts of money on eco-initiatives. Not too long ago, Apple built a new energy-efficient headquarters. In addition, reducing the volume of smartphone boxes allowed the company to save thousands of tons of cardboard. 

Apple hosts eco conferences every year and has even removed chargers from smartphone boxes to combat the overproduction of power supplies. The community perceived this aspect ambiguously, but the company’s actions do make sense. Overproduction of gadgets and peripherals contributes to environmental pollution, and humanity must save the Earth.


Like many other Japanese companies, Sony is actively fighting pollution. For example, if you have bought Sony cameras or other equipment at least once, you probably notice that each cardboard box has a special eco-label.

The fact is that the company uses cardboard that completely decomposes in the ground to combat the increase in the amount of waste. In addition, most parts in smartphones, consoles, and TVs are made from recycled plastics and electronics. Thanks to this policy, the company uses all resources to reduce the amount of waste in the world.


Samsung has always followed the largest companies to maintain eco-trends. In particular, some of the company’s smartphones are now shipped without plastic packaging and power supplies. Plus, over 15% of plastic components are recycled waste. Through this approach, Samsung conserves the environment and reduces the amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Given that the company sells millions of smartphones every year, this initiative makes sense. 

Also, the company often holds eco conferences in Seoul, so if you are a student, then you can go to South Korea and personally verify the company’s intentions. You should not waste time on other activities and join the eco conference.


Xiaomi is one of the leaders in the Chinese market and a company that cares about the environment. In addition to using recycled plastics, the brand’s engineers have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by using non-toxic components. In addition, the company supports the worldwide trend to reduce the number of power supplies. Moreover, any packaging from smartphones, TVs, and laptops self-degrades into the ground. This feature will help combat environmental pollution.


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Facebook is one of the few IT giants that truly cares about the environment. The fact is that the company uses renewable energy for servers and data centers. In addition, many of the brand’s new offices are using energy-efficient equipment. And don’t forget that the company donates millions of dollars annually to fight global warming and the total pollution of the oceans. This step is important for the entire world community.


Well, this company also could not stand aside. Google supports eco-initiatives and spends a lot of money on eco-servers worldwide. Many modern data centers are solar-powered. In addition, the company sells smartphones in eco boxes that quickly decompose in the ground. Google is also striving to reduce electricity consumption and is conducting widespread optimization of data centers.

Final Words

As you can see, many companies are truly committed to eco-initiatives and preserving the environment. The fact is that our planet needs help, and brand owners understand this. In addition, the overproduction of gadgets is far from what humankind needs.

So this is why companies plan their production processes carefully and reduce energy consumption. Of course, some of the initiatives are similar to marketing gimmicks. Still, in most cases, all of the above brands are helping eco-companies and are interested in a cleaner environment.

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