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7 ways to surprise your guestlist and ensure that the party begins early

Here are seven elements to surprise the guests with your amazing video making and editing skills.


Guests are the essence of any successful party, so it is important to make your party decisions considering the interests of your guest list. The reason you are inviting all these people to your party is that you want to share your precious time and memories with them.

So make sure you express how much they mean to you when you create your own invitations to make them feel cared for and valued. Innovative and unique guest experiences are the trending hot-buzz of the year, so let us help you plan a creative party invitation that stays with your guests long after the party is over.

Cultural Style Invitations

If there is a cultural highlight to your party that sets up the stage for that back-to-the-roots feel, then this is the perfect invitation style to surprise your guests.

Pick any tradition or custom that has deep importance in your family or circle and plan the Invitation around it. Say a traditional Chinese tea drinking ceremony or a weird eat it out of the bowl custom you decide.

This style can add that unique factor to your Invitation and ensure that your Invitation successfully surprises your guests and make them attend your party.

Save-the-date Invitation

Worried that your guests will forget the date your party again and later apologize that they couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Explore your options with photo video maker to create that perfect save-the-date style invitation.

Make sure you add a creative storyline and custom photos to make your video invitation visually appealing to your guests. Use text adds on wherever necessary. But keep it to the minimal and avoid overcrowding of text, visuals, or audio in the video.

Overcrowding of any video element takes away the key appeal of the video. So make sure that your video is neatly edited and contains minimal and attractive content.

Stop-Motion Invitation

Stop motion video style is where multiple photographs are manipulated in a sequence to make it look like that the pictures are in motion. In a world full of cliched invitation ideas, stop motion video gives a unique feel to your Invitation.

The stop motion animation has its creative feel to it and can successfully add that element of surprise to impress your guests with your invitation style.

Make sure the main character of your stop motion video is highlighted in the center frame and does not crowd the frame. Pick a piece of suitable music that goes with the theme of your video.

Once you are done with adding text and editing, share your creative stop motion invite to impress your guests with your video editing skills.

Themed Invitation

Pick a theme, preferably one that highlights a special memory for you. It can be a floral theme of your favorite flowers or a personal experience that relates to the reason for the party.

Pink flamingo delights, Travel theme, Hollywood glamour, Carnival theme, Snow theme, and the options are unlimited. Make sure you choose the theme following the preference of your guest list. For instance, the selection of the harry potter theme for middle-aged guests may not be the ideal theme for your party.

Keep it sober to play safe. Once you are done choosing the theme of the party, make sure you highlight the same in your online video invitation. The selection of a theme may spike the interest of your guests and make them come early to your party.

Monochrome Invitations

Monochrome is essentially single-color photography or videography style that highlights the deeper elements of a picture or video. Monochromes are interpretive, subtle, and less realistic than color pictures.

They may not be as attractive and bright as a colored video invitation. But, if done right, monochrome can result in a classic and unforgettable video invitation.

To create a perfect monochrome invitation, you may match the monochrome color selection to the ambiance of the shooting location. For instance, for a blue sky and sea setup, choose shades of blue monochrome style.

In contrast, for a sunset shoot, match the monochrome shade accordingly. This can add a beautiful addition to your videos and create an unforgettable video invitation for your guests to remember and cherish.

Seasonal Invitations

A beautifully shot video of the falling snow or the rising sun slowly extending its rays to the rocks and the leaves can be a heart-warming piece of videography.

The seasonally themed Invitation can spike the interest of your guests and further give them something to look forward to.

Make sure you add all the elements of your chosen theme in your Invitation and highlight the key interest point to your guest. For instance, in a summer theme party, a summer pool and refreshing cocktails can integrate the element of surprise to your party.

An additional bonus to seasonal invites will be that the guests will know what to expect of the party and will enthusiastically play along.

Retro Themed Invitation

Retro themed invitations are classic invitation styles that never go out of fashion. Making a retro-themed invitation for your guests is easier than you think. Firstly, define a storyline than develops the message of your Invitation.

In a retro theme, you adapt the photography style that gives the look and feel of the retro era. You may further go full-fledged with adapting the retro dress-up style and retro theme of the party.

Retro theme invitations are naturally appealing and memorable and add a unique texture to your video memories. Make sure you choose the music, title, text, and other animation in synchronization to the theme.

Modern rap music may not be the perfect adaptation for a retro-themed video. So pick all the collateral elements to your video in collaboration with your video style.

These were the seven elements to surprise the guests with your amazing video making and editing skills. So go ahead and experiment with the video editing style that suits your customization and make that perfect online Invitation to surprise your guest list.

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