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This $70 portable hard drive lets you store 2TB of files or PS4/Xbox One games

Is your PS4 or Xbox One running out storage? This $70 hard drive may be the solution you’re looking for.

Seagate 2TB hardrive
Image: Amazon

Whether you need to be better about backing up your computer, or are just so excited that the PS4 finally has external hard drive support, you can get a 2TB Seagate Backup Plus external drive for $70 today, which is about as low as 2TB drives get these days.

Seagate had a spotty reputation a few years ago, but it seems like they’ve cleaned up their act; this model is the current Wirecutter recommendation, and is has a stellar Amazon review average from over 11,000 customers.


► Seagate Backup Plus 2TB, $70

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