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8 best apps for small businesses

These apps can put powerful functionality in the palm of your hand that will help you accomplish the many tasks you need to complete to be successful.

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Many employees who work for small businesses wear multiple hats. These employees’ jobs can be made easier by having a suite of apps on their smartphones that they can access from anywhere to help get their jobs done. These are some of the best apps for small businesses. 

1. Ninja Number

Ninja Number is a small business app that lets you use artificial intelligence to interact with users. The built-in virtual assistant, called NinjaBot, helps users set up voicemail, call forwarding, extensions, and other features. The app provides users with a full-featured virtual phone system that is easy to use. 

2. Square POS

Point-of-sale systems make it easier to record and take payments for sales. These systems often have additional functionality that helps with inventory management. Square is easy to use, works on iPhones, iPads, and Android, and comes with live support. If your business doesn’t need the advanced features, you can even use it for free. When you pair your devices with a wireless reader, you can easily take credit or debit card payments from anywhere.

The company has a good reputation for charging reasonable and transparent fees for transactions. The optional advanced features include industry-specific support, such as the ability to process returns and exchanges for retail stores and table management features for restaurants. If you prefer to use the service with standalone equipment, you can purchase a terminal or register. 

3. QuickBooks Online

No matter how small your business is, you need to keep complete and accurate accounting records. QuickBooks Online provides you with access to your business’s profit margins, revenue, and financial health right on your phone. Because QuickBooks has been widely used for so many years, it is easy for most businesses to find a bookkeeper or accountant with experience using the software.

Additionally, there are multiple subscription plans available that can scale with your business needs so that you don’t have to pay for services you don’t need right now and you won’t have to change to another program as your business needs change. The cloud-based version makes it easy to store your financial records off-site, where they are protected from fires or natural disasters.

4. Asana

Project management software helps you track the status of drafts, proposals, edits, approvals, and finished products, which is useful for planning and budgeting. Asana provides tracking for an unlimited number of projects and comes with file storage for files up to 100 MB each. The card-based system allows you to add due dates, assignees, and comments to cards. You can organize and assign tasks in lists that make it easy for your team to see when work is due, which work is a priority, and what they should work on next. There are both free and paid versions of the software available. 

5. Zoom

Video conferencing software makes it easier for companies to connect and collaborate with remote employees or employees at multiple locations. Zoom is an ideal platform for hosting large meetings. The app can accommodate up to 1,000 users with the paid business subscription and up to 100 in the free version, though the free version caps meetings at 40 minutes. The app features high-definition video and audio, built-in collaboration tools, such as screen sharing, recording capability, searchable transcripts, and the ability to start meetings from Gmail, iCal, or Outlook. 

6. SOS Inventory

If you have a product-based business, managing your inventory is critical to your success. SOS Inventory integrates with QuickBooks, UPS, PayPal, ShipStation, and Shopify. The software was built specifically for QuickBooks Online and expands upon its basic inventory management features. It can be used on tablets, desktops, or mobile. It allows you to manage inventory in multiple locations, track items by attributes such as cost history or serial number, create packing slips and tickets, and more.  

7. QuickBooks Payroll

Payroll is one of the most critical functions for any business. It can be complicated to keep up with all of the rules and regulations, particularly if you don’t have a full-time payroll department. QuickBooks Payroll features full-service payroll in all 50 states and can directly integrate with QuickBooks Online. It allows you to make unlimited payroll runs and next or same-day deposits. It also includes the option for employees to view their pay stubs, remaining vacation days, and withholdings. 

8. TSheets

If you are already tracking payroll in QuickBooks, you may want to add the additional functionality of TSheets for time tracking. This app allows you to track time on any device, streamline invoicing and payroll, manage time-off requests and get reports in real-time. 

Running a small business can be challenging, particularly if you have a limited staff. However, these apps can put powerful functionality in the palm of your hand that will help you accomplish the many tasks you need to complete to be successful.

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