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8 gadgets every small business owner needs

By purchasing these eight best gadgets, you’re ensured to be perfectly kitted out as a modern small business owner.

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Are you launching your own start-up soon? Are you looking for ways to improve your existing small business’s productivity and streamline your office systems? When you want to create site content or upgrade the way you organize your electronic or online documents, it’s handy to have the right tools to help you out.

The good news is that being an entrepreneur doesn’t need to break the bank. By opting for some essential low-cost small business items now, you’ll already begin to reap the rewards of convenience, efficiency, safety, saved time, and increased security. 

To work more smartly and help your company run more smoothly both in & out of the office, here are eight gadgets you as a small business owner can invest in to make your life and business operations easier. 

Car Checkup

Do you often forget to track your mileage after driving around all day for business? You’ll benefit from Car Checkup. This gadget plugs into the onboard diagnostic port in your car. It automatically tracks your mileage, which saves you from keeping any records on pieces of paper that are likely to go missing in the daily chaos.

Once you’ve returned to the office, you simply need to connect the gadget to your computer or laptop via the USB port. All the information will download straight into an Excel spreadsheet. 

This makes keeping tabs on your business trips a breeze. You’ll have a report of all your distances traveled, plus you can indicate whether a trip was for business or personal reasons. You’ll be thankful for all of these details already being in order ahead of the tax declaration season. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Looking for a two in one laptop and tablet? Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is your solution! It’s flexible and portable. With an initial RAM of 128GB and programmed with Windows 10, it also offers a PixelSense touchscreen display. 

 Its exceptionally high contrast and low glare so it won’t strain your eyes. The bonus? Its nine-hour battery life, which means you take it wherever you go and not worry about your battery dying on you in the middle of an important business meeting.

Mobile Digital Scanner

Need an easy way to scan business cards, documents, receipts, and other important information? With a mobile digital scanner, you don’t need to concern yourself about keeping or losing little slips of paper on your business trips or as you move across town from one meeting to another. 

Most mobile scanners automatically organize these documents on your computer or laptop with their built-in software. All that’s required from you is to simply scan in the document, and the software will ensure the crucial information is identified, neatly organized and safely stored for you to easily retrieve when you next require it.

Mobile POS System

Due to the fact that more clients now prefer to pay electronically instead of using cash, your small business needs to keep up with the times. Digital payments are quick and simple. This is the best way to run a small business, especially if you have a shop or sell products and or services. 

 A mobile POS system can make your small business transactions easy to process. All you need to do is set up a tiny gadget such as a Square Reader by Square

This nifty device is a credit card reader in the form of a little white cube you can plug into the audio jack of your Android, iPad, or iPhone. Simply create an online Square account at no cost, and you’ll receive the cube & can start processing your payments from your mobile straight away. 


All too often, offices are dominated by bright, glaring fluorescent lights. This makes for extremely difficult working conditions. Why not consider Skypanels? These fluorescent light diffusers function as a cover for normal fluorescent lights. 

Instead of suffering under harsh unnatural light, Skypanels have been designed to enhance your office space. They use serene and optimistic natural images such as blue skies, tropical palms, flowers & sunsets to help boost your mood & output. 

Smartphone Solar Window Charger

If you’re a traveling small business owner and spend a lot of time in airports or using public transport, the last thing you want to be without is a Smartphone charger. A solar window charger is an excellent option. It’s convenient, compact, environmentally friendly and can be set up in no time at all. 

This item is ideal for use in an office window, at home, or while you’re out and about. You won’t worry anymore about finding a mobile charging outlet, plus you’ll feel pleased about saving on batteries and energy. 

USB and Power Strips

In a small office space, it’s crucial to have safe yet orderly power distribution. A USB and power strip is a sensible way of safely & compactly plugging in & recharging mobile & other devices. 

 Most of these gadgets can operate EU or USA power outlets, and the USB port is a useful feature for connecting to external hard drives & the likes.

Video Surveillance

To ensure your business premises are protected, you can take your pick from various alarms, motion detectors, and other security measures solutions on offer. Regardless of the size of your business or start-up, your safety is key.

 Cover your premises using video surveillance to avoid being targeted by crime. Video cameras are by far the best and most effective way of monitoring footage of the comings in-goings out of your premises or storefront. You’ll rest assured you’ve upped your security and can capture on camera any possible incidents that occur.

By purchasing these eight best gadgets, you’re ensured to be perfectly kitted out as a modern small business owner. You’ll be so inspired by the way these transform the way you do business that you’ll want to encourage others to do the same!

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