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8 new ways to get more Instagram followers in 2019

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Do you want to know how to get more Instagram followers in 2019? Wait for a second, we know that it is not a question.

With more than one billion monthly users, an Instagram algorithm is what you need. Results? Account growth and a boost in the following.

Now, how?

If you are posting great content regularly but your follower count is still the same, read on for the top 8 hacks to help you in achieving results without a fuss.

Make The Most Of Your Bio

It’s the first thing to notice upon visiting your Instagram profile. Update this at least twice a month. Make sure to add a clickable link to your bio to drive traffic to your newest content.

Get a Consistent Look

Looking at your feed, you may use the same 1-2 filters or presets in every photo for brand look consistency. Having cohesiveness in your theme also creates an expectation for your followers and potential followers on what to see on your profile.

Have Scheduled Content

You can post once or twice a day. This is ideal for reach, likes, and shares which can lead to more followers as well. You can easily track how much engagement your post gets and follower growth.

Maximize Instagram Stories Highlights

Use the story highlights to introduce who your brand is with your best content. This will give a sense to your potential followers what the brand is all about.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to be seen by other users as well so they can follow you. You can do this by coming up with an original creative hashtag or using the existing popular hashtags such as #like4like or #photooftheday among others as these get searched frequently and are designed for getting likes and followers. Plus, you can use a hashtags generator tool to help you find the best and trending hashtags for your posts.

Run an Instagram Contest

This will increase reach and exposures, letting your followers tag their friends and let them know about your account. To join the contest, you can require the entrants to follow your account, like a contest post and use a certain hashtag.

Create Ads For Your News Audiences

Since Instagram is a competitive marketplace for brands, you can run your campaign from images, videos, to IG stories ads. These will appear to your target audience whenever they tap through stories.

Like Other Accounts’ Posts

It’s simple and easy. By liking the photos of your target market, you will get more followers as they are surely interested in the same content that you create.

The bottom line

Getting followers on Instagram is the most difficult thing to figure out in the beginning. Once you have gotten the first 10,000 followers, all you need to do is continue strategies to grow your account. When done regularly, all these steps will help you grow your visibility.

Ain’t it easy taking control of your marketing your Instagram account over time? By now congratulations on gaining those Instagram followers!

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Editor’s Note: Charlot is a freelance Internet Marketing VA and Content Writer with over 8 years of experience producing and developing original content for a variety of publications and audiences worldwide.


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