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Nine hackers you don’t want To f*** with!

If there’s one person in the world I wouldn’t want to piss off, it would be a hacker. Meet nine hackers you wouldn’t want to meet in a (virtual) alley.


With all the hacking and data breach news stories you hear circling the web, it makes you think twice why you didn’t become a hacker.

Hackers come in many shapes and sizes. They’re your neighbor, a friend, or maybe even a co-worker. The whole time they’re pretending to be friends, they’re swiping military secrets, snooping in NASA’s servers, and bypassing the FBI’s firewalls. Mind you, some of these guys are under 21. Some pretty intense stuff, and many are just doing it for fun! And there you were, thinking you were the shit because you figured out your girlfriends voice-mail password.

Sorry to burst your proverbial bubble, but here are nine guys that will blow any TV or movie hacker out of the water. These hackers are the best of the best, and this infograhic will show you what their most famous hack, what age they were, and the amount of havoc they wreaked.

Here’s 9 Of The Illest Hackers



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