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A brief history of the slot machine


Do you like slot games? Are you curious how they color the history of world gambling? If you do not know about the history of slot games and really want to know how they evolve, you are on the right page.

The slot machine, known in Britain as the fruit machine, is a gaming device operated by dropping one or more coins or chips into a slot and pulling a handle or pressing a button to activate from one to three or more reels marked in horizontal segments varying the symbols. Today we are used to watching online slots or mobile app, but if the creation of online casinos can contribute to a single important event, that would undoubtedly be the approval of the Free Trade and Processing Law in Old and bearded. This law was passed in 1994 and gave the Caribbean nation the power to grant licenses to companies that want to start online casinos. Almost at the same time, another important event occurred: a software company called Microgaming was established.

In general and in its basic, the slot machine works when a player drops (in a cup/container) from two coins or more (it can be the whole coins). How it works depends on the number of symbols aligned when the spinning reels stop. The traditional symbols are bars, card suits, stars, numbers (7 is one of the favorites), some fruits; oranges, plums, cherries, lemons and watermelons, and the two words; jackpot and bar. Now, the symbols are more diverse even they adapt to the latest themes like online game themes, comical themes and so forth.

The term slot machine was originally also used for vending machines but in the 20th century, it became an exclusive term for betting devices. The first coin-operated gaming machines in the United States date back to the 1880s, although in reality there were mere novelties, like two toy horses that would compete after a coin was inserted into the machine. Installed in a lounge bar or similar places, these devices attracted bets among customers.

In the beginning, the owners of slot machines paid the winners by some foods or drinks, cigars, special tokens and commercial checks. By 1888 there were machines that paid in coins. In the former, inserted coins fell into an internal balance, where they could cause it to tip over and spill other currencies; among the later devices were those that had a circular screen and a rotating indicator that rested or pointed to a number, a color or an image. Since the beginning of 1900, the technical changes in this game have been few and it revolutionized how people play slot games.

The real revolution was the advent of the personal computer and the Internet that allowed us to develop these gaming platforms on another level. Shortly after the launch of the first ever online casinos, they became very popular among players. The slots platforms are now still popular among many reputable online casinos such as Caesars online casino. Many other casinos emerged, and the field became extremely competitive. Each operator strived to be the biggest and the best and devised several schemes to attract more customers than their competitors. One of those methods is still used to this day; we are talking about welcome bonuses, of course.

By understanding the history of the slot machines we will have a familiar feel for the types of slots and unknowingly, our knowledge and interest in a gambling game will lead to positive results or in other words, increasing our chances of winning the game. Hopefully, this short article can provide new knowledge for you and make you love slot games from now on.


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