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A bulletproof vest brand is championing security, luxury & technology for civilians

An incomparable and brilliant bulletproof vest, FURTIV is on a pursuit to protect people from gun violence.

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Since the 9/11 terror attacks, 500+ people have been charged on the grounds of terrorism in the United States.

A decline in deaths by 1.2% has been witnessed in global terrorism despite an increase in the global terrorist attacks to 5,226 in 2021. Notably, terrorism is politically motivated rather than previous religiously motivated attacks in the U.S.

A surge in the numbers mentioned above is directly related to the use of advanced technology by terrorist groups.

These technologies include the use of advanced missiles, drones, inexpensive smartphones, and access to social networks.

The use of these advancements leads to an extension of networks, igniting propaganda and recruitment of innocent people for terrorist attacks.

Protection against violence


Shooting is known as the most common type of terrorist attack on a global platform. On February 19, 2022, a spectator opened fire at the Black Lives Matter Movement in Oregon.

As a recent event, on May 14, 2022, Peyton Gendron, influenced by the ‘Great Replacement’ theory, also opened fire in Buffalo, New York. Ten civilians were killed on the spot.

This “hate crime” act of racially-violent extremism is increasing the frequency of attacks, especially in the U.S.

More than half of domestic terrorist attacks undertook during public demonstrations. Though these are primarily peaceful, some have seen violence and deaths.

Terrorism is not only about shootings but also occurs between increasing political polarization and extremist beliefs.

Fathoming the current fatal scenarios and frequent occurrences, Nicholas Bert built FURTIV with a vision to protect civilians, private security agencies, ministries, gun shop customers, and embassies.

Customers related to guns, firearms, and safety are an additional target market.

Focussed on creating innovative projects, Bert says, “The FURTIV Vest is the result of 10 years of R&D, a mixed of 2 aramid weave that makes it up is unique in the world.”

Like a plate carrier, FURTIV bulletproof vest saves civilians from unpredictable atrocities and faces the bullets unparalleled as terrorism, political conflicts, and cross-border unrest augment rapidly. 

FURTIV features

Lightweight, breathable, durable, and flexible, the FURTIV vest delivers ease and safety to the wearer throughout the day.

With a promise of assured safety to civilians, law enforcement agencies, and the military forces, FURTIV’s outstanding innovation and unmatchable technology are a class apart.

The vest was curated to deliver utmost protection from unknown bullets of 357 magnums, 9mm FMJ RN, and 44 Mag SJHP. 

Thin and stylish, FURTIV is elite in design and provides a safety shield to the wearer.  The vest’s design protects the torso, back, flanks, and neck. Yes, it provides 360-degree protection.

Moreover, the in-built GPS tracker delivers prominent safety as FURTIV understands the continual security threats.

On abduction, the concealed GPS updates the exact location at an interval of every two minutes and does not alarm the abductors.

Also, if the wearer is found in an unexpected situation, the hidden power bank will change the phone instantly. 

The FURTIV vest offers the Protecop’s 3A patented Honeywell and Kevlar combination. It is disrupting the marketplace with advanced technology.

FURTIV on Indiegogo

Bullet resistant FURTIV vest

Interested supporters can also support FURTIV and make contributions at INDIEGOGO.

An incomparable and brilliant bulletproof vest, FURTIV is on a pursuit to protect people from gun violence.

Delivering high-quality technological performance, you can wear this stylish, comfortable, and ultra-durable vest all day.

The unique features of the GPS tracker and power bank provide 24/7 protection to the wearer.

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