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A buyer’s guide to choosing the best electronic chessboard

Remember, an e-board is a long-term and expensive investment. So, you cannot afford to lose money by making the wrong choice.

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No doubt, an electronic chess board is a major investment. You spend a considerable amount to get one. The e-boards offer you a combination of virtual and traditional chess experiences in that you hold pieces with your hands.  Also, they come in different sizes and prices to meet your needs and purposes. 

For these reasons, you must search for an electronic chessboard that will serve you best. Like other items in the chess set, you will find legit and fake boards on the market. But how do you separate them? Here are some of the aspects to consider while choosing the best electronic chessboard:

The construction 

The makeup or construction of an e-board is essential to consider. The material used in making the board determines its durability. You will find an electronic board made of metallic, wood, and stone. The construction also determines its quality and weight. 

Your choice needs to follow your purpose. If you need an e-board that is portable, you cannot opt for a stone or metallic one. A wooden e-board would be a good idea. However, when durability is a priority, metallic and stone will be the best options.  

Your skills level 

The electronic chess boards vary in design to fit different skills level. A chess pro will require a different board from an amateur player. When choosing an e-board, it is essential to consider your skills level. 

If you are a beginner, you should opt for boards with a tutor model. The board should allow you to move from one level to another. Also, consider boards with voice controls to help you get warnings when you make a bad move.  This way, you will enhance your learning and improve your chess skills.

The board size

The board size is another aspect to consider when picking an e-board. If you love playing chess while on the go, you should consider a lightweight board that is portable. A standard board will be a nice option for home or office use. Also, the space available in your living space should guide you in determining the board size. Do not go for large e-boards if you have limited or compact space.

Features available

The reason for moving from traditional to electronic chess board is due to additional features. Your e-board should offer maximum features. For instance, an e-board with a game saving feature will ensure you save your current game and continue sometime later. You won’t need to restart from zero. 

Also, consider an e-board with game level as a feature. This aspect will help you improve your game as you can track your progress. As such, always pay attention to the features available on an e-board before making your purchase decision.

Your budget

No doubt, an electronic chess board is among the expensive element in the chess sets package. You need to have a fat pocket to own one. Fortunately, there are different types of e-boards available at varying prices. You will always get an e-board within your budget limits. 

In case your budget does not allow you to have one, you can consider using the traditional chess board until you save enough money.   

Wrapping up

In a word, electronic chess boards are essential elements for every chess player. These devices enhance your experience of the game. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will find a chess e-board fit for your skill level. 

However, you need to be conscious when buying e-boards. Considering the above elements will help you make the right choice. Remember, an e-board is a long-term and expensive investment. So, you cannot afford to lose money by making the wrong choice.   

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