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A guide to a gaming setup that suits you

Creating the perfect gaming setup can cost you a tad bit of effort but it doesn’t have to make you scratch your hair off.

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Video games are increasingly becoming a popular pastime among the millennials, but you’ll be surprised to find some baby boomers also enjoying their video games too. While most people will play video games for the fun of it, only playing a few hours every other week, some have taken it upon themselves to play video games as a career. These are the serious gaming nerds who make a buck from having fun.

Now, as a serious gamer, your pride and joy is your gaming setup, right? According to the guys at, your overall experience will be determined by your setup, including your gaming gear, and whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, among other factors. Now, whether your setup is only comprised of a desk and gaming tech or you have a dedicated room that is strictly for gaming, you want to ensure that your setup doesn’t affect your quality of comfort or your gaming skills. Below is a guide to a gaming setup that suits you.

1. It Starts With Selecting the Right Gaming PC

maingear new vybe gaming pc
Image: Maingear

Not every PC will be a great choice for gaming. A top of the line gaming PC will provide you with a lot of functionalities, performance, and graphics quality. These are among the things you would otherwise compromise on when using a console. Let’s cut to the chase and provide you with tips on how to find the right gaming PC:

  • Check The Processor – This is the holy grail in a gaming PC. The processor is essentially the brain in your PC. It’s responsible for processing data (hence the name) and performing different tasks at the same time. An inferior processor will overheat and slow down your gaming session or ultimately crush. Go for the best brands when choosing a CPU for gaming. An Intel i9, i7 series or AMD Ryzen series are among the best processor choices designed for gaming.
  • RAM – For a multitasking gaming PC, the RAM needs to have sufficient memory needed to support different background tasks. For older games, an 8 GB ram will do just fine. However, anything beyond 16GB and 32GB will be overkill but it will improve the performance of your PC and you never know, you might as well need to use your pc for other memory-hungry tasks.
  • Graphics Card – For the best images, it’s important to invest in a gaming pc that has a good quality graphics card. If you have a gaming PC with all the best gaming qualities, you may not need to change your graphics card unless when upgrading or repairing.

You’ll also want to determine whether the peripherals for your PC are suitable for enhancing your gaming experience. When it comes to storage, you will also need to ensure your drive has enough space to accommodate your favorite games’ specifications. In a nutshell, some games will not run well without a powerful gaming PC, if at all they do, so it’s upon you to invest well in a strong PC.

2. Choosing the Right Furniture

noble gaming chair
Image: GameCrate

The quality of furniture used in a gaming setup will make or break your levels of quality. In addition to this, it can also have an impact on your overall well being. For instance, the wrong chair or desk will hurt your back. Consider an ergonomic gaming chair when setting up especially considering the many hours spent while sitting. When choosing the right desk, you’ll need to consider the cost and size of the desk. It also needs to have the right height and feel comfortable.

3. Monitor Vs Projector

A gaming monitor is more than your ordinary general-purpose monitor. It needs to have top-notch color accuracy, enhanced response time, and fast refresh rates. On the other hand, if you opt for a gaming projector, then you’ll need to consider the lumen ratio depending on whether you’ll be playing in a bright or darkroom. Either way, always go for the best quality products.

4. The Right Accessories

An optical laser mouse will do just fine because it’s highly sensitive and has all the functionalities you’ll need in a gaming mouse. As for the keyboard, consider a wireless one. This is because it will not restrict your movements and in addition to this, wireless keyboards have a tactile feel and additional macro keys as well as media buttons essential for an ultimate gaming experience.

As you can see, creating the perfect gaming setup can cost you a tad bit of effort but it doesn’t have to make you scratch your hair off. With the right guidelines, you can easily make your gaming setup an enviable one, one that will help improve and perfect your skills.

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