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A perfect review of CoSchedule

CoSchedule is easy to use with a simple and effective interface. It can be accessed from both desktop or mobile.

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Our lives changed in more than one way with the rise of the phenomenon known as the internet. Be it social life or work, all the aspects have been touched by it for good. When it comes to working, the internet has proposed tons of work opportunities online. Out of the many possible jobs, blogging and online marketing have made their way through, prominently. While working online through a computer sounds as easy as it gets, it’s not a piece of cake.

Just like any other job, blogging and online marketing take a lot of patience and dedication. The time and effort that these jobs require are not easy to commit either. As a result, a lot of people end up giving up in just the beginning. You have to constantly keep posting and organizing your content. It is essential to analyze the content reach and customer insights as well. All of these combined can limit overall productivity. There are various tools that can help overcome these obstacles, too. One of them is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule was launched in September 2013 and by 2016 it had gained a total of 100k subscribers. CoSchedule is set in the heart of North Dakota but managed to reach over 100 countries. 

As the name suggests, one of the key services that CoSchedule provides is the scheduling of content creation. By definition, CoSchedule is a marketing calendar. It has a standard calendar-like user interface, which can be used for scheduling your posts. It’s functioning is a basic drag-and-drop system where you can assign your content to any date in advance. There are different tabs of different dates on the interface where you can simply drop your content and leave it without any worries. The content can be easily rearranged as well, with just dragging, dropping and swapping. 

CoSchedule is a very useful tool for bloggers or WordPress users who need to keep uploading posts regularly. CoSchedule supports WordPress integration. It makes you able to schedule and publish all of your WordPress posts with ease, all in just one place. Having a tool that can upload days of content automatically is better than worrying about manually uploading them one by one. 

However, it does more than just scheduling, in the form of an effective marketing manager and content organizer. Like scheduling your content, you can also use CoSchedule to schedule social media posts from your different profiles. It includes Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. You can post a single post across all the social media platforms with just one click. The number of profiles you can connect to CoSchedule depends on your subscription plan. 

CoSchedule offers two subscription plans for blogging and social media marketing purposes. Blog Calendar is specifically meant for bloggers and allows up to 10 maximum profiles. More profiles can be bought with additional charges too. Up to 5 different users can connect to one calendar under this plan. As this plan is more directed towards bloggers, most of the tools for team collaboration are missing here. However, this plan fits perfectly for blogging with features like bulk scheduling, automation, and social media publishing. The Blog plan allows CoSchedule to integrate with WordPress, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Bitly.

Blog Calendar costs $17 per month for every connected user. However, if an annual billing plan is chosen, the cost reduces to $12 per user per month. 5 extra social profiles can be bought at an extra price of $10 per month. This plan fits the needs of a blogger working with a smaller team and the price is justifiable. Moreover, it can be said that CoSchedule is a perfect tool that can help you to get social media followers, likes, and comments by scheduling your posts according to the best time for posting. 

The Marketing Calendar is a two-in-one utility that can effectively improve both blogging and marketing productivity. This calendar is especially suited for teamwork to further enhance productivity. It allows a maximum of 10 users to connect to CoSchedule at one time. This divides the work into more hands, making it all easier and quicker.

It gives all the members a commonplace to connect. The whole team can schedule different posts as decided and share needed files, all in a single shared place. It directly results in an increase in productivity and efficiency. Some of you may wonder why you should go for increasing your followers on Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms? Here is the simple answer “ The user interface is the most important key to get a hipe in anything.”

Other than that, it includes a lot of exclusive marketing tools. First, it comes with a calendar that includes all of your projects from emails, websites and social media profiles.  All of it can be monitored and managed in a single location. The plan also gives you an option to save your calendar as a read-only file, making it shareable with others outside of CoSchedule. The Marketing suite also helps with social media interactions with a common inbox. The inbox features all the incoming messages from every connected social media profile. Aside from these, all of the features available in Blog Calendar are available here too. It also features additional integration to more platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and HubSpot. It also offers a feature called Content where you can create up to 20 different content templates of a different kind. 

The Marketing Calendar is priced a bit higher at $32 per user on a monthly basis. An annual subscription to this calendar would lower the price down to $22 per user per month. Like Blog suite, this one too allows connectivity of up to 10 social media profiles. Additional 5 profiles can be bought at a price of $15 per month. 

CoSchedule offers a free trial of 14 days for potential users to see its effectiveness for themselves. What makes it even better is that they do not ask for your credit or debit card number for a trial.

CoSchedule is easy to use with a simple and effective interface. It can be accessed from both desktop or mobile. CoSchedule has an app of its own on both Android and iOs. CoSchedule is easily one of the best blogging and marketing tools that you can find on the internet. Aside from a few bugs here and there, there are truly no cons to this product. It being budget-friendly makes things even better. All in all, CoSchedule is an amazing tool that every blogger and social marketer should consider at least trying once.

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