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A surprising and high-quality application of advanced CNC machining

CNC machining is an amazing industry technology, capable of producing some surprising and yet high-quality results.

Cnc machining

The key to good milling is the quality of surfaces and the speed of cycle times. To achieve this, manufacturers need a high-speed spindle, intelligent software and a versatile CNC capable of making the most of machines in the face of varying production requirements and materials. But to ensure a positive impact on results, you need one more element – solid reliability.

The CNC milling machine is undoubtedly one the most complicated machines to use in this industry, but very powerful once it has been mastered. In fact, there are several steps in the process of getting a final piece.

It all starts with a drawing (2D or 3D) consisting of the shape that will be created on the machine. The drawing is imported into a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program where the drawing cuts are configured. The next stage is machine configuration, where the material is placed and fastened, after which the CNC is positioned to start cutting.

But it gets even better with five-axis CNC machining. This refers to the ability of the CNC machine to perform movement about five different axis simultaneously. Most CNC manufacturers define their machines movement starting with the three primary axis, X. Y and Z, with the Z-axis being parallel to the tool spindle.

The other two axis are given by the machines ability to rotate about the X and Y axis. Axis Rx pivots or rotates parallel and about the X-axis. Axis Ry pivots or rotates parallel to and about the Y-axis. Axis Rz represents the rotation of the cutting tool installed into the machine spindle center

With five-axis machining is possible to obtain complex shapes in a single set-up, reducing the machinist setup time and increases production rates. By eliminating multiple set-ups, time and errors are reduced. Additionally, the feature-to-feature accuracy is improved because the same zero or datum reference frame is used throughout the manufacturing process.

That said, more and more small companies are also beginning to offer this type of service because the cost of entry into this type of industry is being reduced due to the growing supply of used manufacturing machinery. Taking a look at this VMC catalog you can find several models ranging from the two axes to the 5 axes. Something unthinkable a few years ago.

CNC machining services are becoming really advanced, and the results obtained with five-axis machining are really astounding. A good example of this is the set of badminton gift sets found below, which are not only a cool gift for any fan of the sport but also a clear sample about what kind of detail and perfection this technology can bring to the table.

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