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You absolutely need this $52 battery pack jump starter in your life

Leave the jumper cables at home. You won’t need them anymore with this.

iclever battery pack
Image: Amazon

If you’re tired of lugging jumper cables around or sick of asking someone else to use theirs, this battery pack jump starter is your next best bet and it’s only $52 today with JUMPABCD.

This iClever’s USB battery pack/car jump starter is more powerful than most at 600A,  pretty much enough to get the engine turning in just about any car. But that’s not all, this device supports Quick Charge 2.0 input and output. This allows you to recharge your phone faster, and then refill the battery pack in half the time it would usually take.

Sure, this might sound like something you won’t need right now, but when the time comes and your car is out of juice, you’ll thank yourself for scooping one up. If you end up buying, just don’t forget to apply that coupon code at checkout.

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