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Access control in a post-COVID world

As the effects of COVID-19 integrates into our everyday lives, the importance of access control solutions has rapidly increased.

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We are in unfamiliar territory with this rapidly expanding pandemic that has forever changed the way we operate, work, and live. In chaotic times like these, it’s crucial that companies and businesses take proactive steps to ensure health and protection for all employees as they prepare to return to work.

As the effects of COVID-19 integrates into our everyday lives, the importance of access control solutions has rapidly increased. Before the employees return to work, businesses and companies need to step back and consider the next steps to prepare for the new model. The reality is that workplaces are changing and will look different post-COVID

Access Control Solutions 

Secure access control assures the safety and health of the users who have appropriate authorization to the physical and digital aspects of a company. A building-wide network can inarguably protect the staff, contractors, data, equipment, and other properties.

  • Key cards, ID badges, and smartphone apps are the main parts of the access control system. The data of users verify your identity, and the reader grants you permission on the basis of information stored.
  • Key cards are personalized, which can help you trace any unlock event by the person associated with that card.
  • Facial recognition access — from companies like Swiftlane — offer touchless door unlock that authenticates people’s features by recognizing them and granting access.

Effects of COVID-19 on Access Control 

Although many companies are working remotely, as businesses begin to reopen and employees return to work, there needs to be a safety and security plan in place to protect employees and visitors. Possible changes to workplace operations have been recommended by the CDC and could include updated operating hours, social distant workstations, cleaning and janitorial protocols, and employee temperature checks and health screenings.

Without alignment from federal, state, and local governments, companies are trying to figure out the best ways of ensuring health and safety guidelines to protect employees and adjusting business productivity as they shift to a remote working environment.  

Changes implemented by companies to keep employees safe

  • Companies are working to change a lot of things for the safety of their employees. Leading with a people-first approach is key to managing the health of employees in the workplace. Specifically, HR and Security and Facilities Teams need to implement comprehensive plans that will address the varying needs of employees and stakeholders.
  • Pin pad or key cards will be less ideal in a post-COVID world. The virus can easily transfer from one individual to another through these tools, and many companies are now updating access control solutions.
  • Using the mobile-based or face recognition workplace access systems is a safer choice as it eliminates the usage of common touchpoints. Implementation of touchless door unlock provides a safe office access experience.  

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