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Aculief is a wearable that somehow relieves painful headaches

If you suffer from headaches quite often, then there is no harm in trying out an alternative solution like Aculief.

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Image: The Green Head

Who’s ever had an uncomfortable pain in a part of the body and, instinctively, tried to pressure and massage the affected region, in an attempt to soften the discomfort? Yea, I’m sure a lot of you fall under this. Well, this is the principle behind acupressure, a technique similar to acupuncture that works by applying pressure in specific spots.

Headaches are a very common type of pain and, for that, acupressure has a specific technique: pinching one hand right between the indicator and the thumb, on a point known to acupressure as LI4. But that is not practical, as you basically have to use both hands to do this.

But now, with a wearable from Aculief, that is not needed anymore. This little device works as a handheld pincher for the LI4 point, resulting in an all-natural headache and tension relief. With Aculief, it is possible to handle headaches, one of the most common afflictions, without the use of any chemicals or medicine, and without tiring your hands.

Check out Aculief in action below

Aculief was created by Jon Doogan, who discovered the benefits of acupressure during his time in college when colleagues told him to pinch the LI4 point to deal with the headache he had at the time. He patented this product, which has so far helped around 20,000 people around the world.

This device is universally sized, fitting all hands alike. It is supposed to be used in one’s non-dominant hand and is not to be used by pregnant women. It is waterproof and can be used while doing activities.

With other colors in development, Aculief can only be ordered in green at this time. It is available from its website for $19.99 as well as several other online stores, including Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Pharmaca, Grommet, Zulily, and VictoriaHealth (this one exclusive for the UK).

If you suffer from headaches quite often, then there is no harm in trying out an alternative solution like Aculief – the effects may actually be surprising.

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