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Add wireless charging to your iPhone 6s with this simple solution

Here’s the easiest way to add wireless charging to your iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s wireless charging

Here’s the easiest way to add wireless charging to your iPhone 6s.

Why should Android users get to have all the fun? Sure, there’s a way to hack the iPhone to add wireless charging capabilities, but not everyone wants to hack together a makeshift solution like that. For those people, there are a bunch of third-party cases out there that add wireless charging to your iPhone. Stacked is one of the coolest ones we’ve seen so far since it’s also a battery case, but it might be a little too thick from some users’ tastes.

Well here’s another option: the Mobillage Wireless Charging Phone Case for iPhone 6S/6 is $27 on Amazon, and it’s just 0.4 inches thick. For reference, the iPhone 6s is 0.28 inches thick so this case adds wireless charging without even doubling the phone’s thickness!


Here are some more key details:

  • Dual standards of wireless charging – Qi and Powermat – are applied to this wireless charging receiver case, so it has much wider option of usage. No more bothering to find a compatible wireless charger !
  • The highest wireless charging Efficiency – 82%@1,000mAh for real fast charging (approx.1hr 40min by charging with 5W output wireless charger)
  • Quality proven materials/components as Apple’s MFi Certified connector ensure the safety
  • Its slim/compact dual layer structure also protects your iPhone from drop and shock

Mobillage Wireless Charging Phone Case for iPhone 6S/6: $26.99 with free Prime shipping

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