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Advanced security features to look for in an RV storage facility

From mobile access apps, AI-enabled video surveillance, enhanced door security, etc., look for an RV storage facility that leverages the power of technology to boost the facility’s security.

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When you decide to store your RV offsite, you need to feel confident that your centerpiece for endless family trips and campings is protected against theft and damage. A secure RV storage facility is paramount when it comes to the security of your expensive and highly valued RV. 

Thankfully, these days RV storage facilities are leveraging sophisticated security systems that employ a mix of physical devices and software to ensure the security of their facilities. Advanced security technology assures you of security and guarantees you customer convenience when it comes to dropping or picking your RV from the facility. Here are some of the technological features to look for in RV storage.

Video surveillance technology

An RV storage in Richland that employs a technology forward video surveillance system allows them to respond to incidents in real-time. That means the facility has a reliable security system in place to ensure the safety of stored RVs. When looking for an RV storage facility, look out for things such as cloud-enabled cameras, pinhole cameras in entry points, artificial intelligence monitoring services, and other video surveillance technologies the facility has in place to assure clients of security.

Access control

How do you enter the facility as an authorized client? Is there a system that limits the access of the facility to unauthorized persons? These are some of the questions you should ask an RV storage facility operator to determine how secure the facility is for your highly valued RV. 

Market-leading RV storage facilities employ fully integrated access control systems that prevent facility access to unauthorized people. With a combination of keypads and cloud-based software, an advanced access control system facilitates secure access and provides the operators with monitoring and control capabilities. Look for an RV storage facility with a high-grade access control system in place as it guarantees you of security of the facility.

Perimeter security

Wall security serves as the first line of defense against vandals and thieves. So the perimeter security should be a top priority when looking for an RV storage facility. A high-quality gate and reliable perimeter fencing in the storage facility can serve purposes like preventing unauthorized access and improving the security of the stored RVs and other expensive machinery. Security performance goes hand in hand with the facility’s curb appeal. Choose RV storage facilities with robust perimeter fencing and a high-quality gate.

Enhanced door systems

How straightforward or difficult is it to access your RV when you need it? Some RV facilities use keypads featuring full system integration to deliver convenience to their clients. That enables them to access their RVs on their own terms. That is beneficial for RV owners who require on-demand access to the facility without compromising its security

For example, the system can be configured only to allow you to access the area that corresponds to your specific storage unit or vehicle. Other convenience-rich features to look for include door systems that facilitate personalized security to allow clients to gain access via their devices. 

The bottom line

From mobile access apps, AI-enabled video surveillance, enhanced door security, etc., look for an RV storage facility that leverages the power of technology to boost the facility’s security.

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