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AFLPlanning review – the best way to trade [2022]

Forex trading is highly popular as it helps people attain financial freedom. Read Tradon review to know whether it is the right forex broker for you.


Do you want to predict the same as me that the Euro will appreciate versus the US Dollar (USD)? Then, you would trade the EUR/USD currency pair (or place an applied bet on it), which is a Forex asset.

The Forex market is the planet’s biggest and most liquid market, trading 24/7 and denoting every global currency as per my experience.

I needed a trusted online broker to trade FX because trading with a reputable Forex broker like AFLPlanning is critical to victory in the global cash markets.

I had a special need as a contract for discrepancy (CFD) dealer or Forex investors, such as platform, trading tools, or research conditions.

So yeah, discovering my trading style preferences helped me decide which Forex broker is best for me.

AFLPlanning overview

AFLPlanning is a well-known online brokerage specializing in cryptocurrency and stock trading.

It was one of the first internet trading platforms to enable digital currency trading when Bitcoin functionality (BTC) launched.

It then added support for Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) not long after (XRP).Trade financial products with up to 1:300 leverage.

Users can start with a bit of investment of €250 and grow power thanks to AFLPlanning’s influence.

AFLPlanning‘s trading experience

I deposited fiat currency from a debit card or bank account and started trading right away using AFLPlanning easy web-based platform and well-designed mobile app.

Users may examine current prices and buy, sell, or convert cryptocurrency using the simple “Trading” tab. 

AFLPlanning is perhaps most known for its social trading feature, allowing users to imitate elite traders’ portfolio holdings and trades.

Although AFLPlanning vides essential market and limits orders and the possibility for non-US users to invest on margin, it lacks several of its competitors’ more powerful conditional orders, advanced charting features, and cryptocurrency pairs.

AFLPlanning values

Customer Service

AFLPlanning received high marks in this category for customer service. For example, both new and existing clients can use online chat, and five days a week, phone or email help is available 24 hours a day.

Outside of business hours, robots can help answer many common questions and can be found in the lower right corner of most of their websites.

I had many questions at the start regarding trading, but AFLPlanning bots and customer support staff helped me a lot.

The broker also includes the most common questions and answers on their website. In addition, Twitter offers social media support in the form of numerous helpful daily market briefing videos.

Insights and research tools

AFLPlanning’s research offerings yielded a mixed bag of findings. The broker, for example, has partnered with Trading Central to provide thorough technical analysis, which includes entry and exit points, trading charts, and recommended posture.

Traders can also use videos and market calendars to aid their decision-making. However, the broker lags behind its competitors in streaming news and basic research.

These tools can help make longer-term trading decisions, but AFLPlanning is at a disadvantage in providing them.

Innovation at its peak

AFLPlanning is thrilled to announce that they have provided cutting-edge technologies since their inception in this business.

As recently as last month, AFLPlanning released new functionality to Web Trader, our in-house platform. AFLPlanning is unstoppable when it comes to technology.

Integrity and accountability

Transparency is one of AFLPlanning fundamental values. Any price, fee, or commission associated with your desired service can be seen on our website.

There are no hidden charges or levies at any time. They’ve made everything transparent, and they have made it simple for everyone to discover this information.


AFLPlanning takes its users’ privacy very seriously. The funds of clients are stored in separate bank accounts.

Leverage can help you increase your trading power

Trade financial products with up to 1:300 risk. You can begin with a $250 initial investment and develop power through the leverage you choose. I started with $300 at first.


AFLPlanning trading fees are cheap compared to those of competitors. However, users should be aware of currency conversion and withdrawal fees. It’s also worth noting that cost may vary depending on where you are.

Setting up an AFLPlanning account

It only took a little time to create an AFLPlanning account for me. At first, I create a username, password, and email address.


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