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AI and the future of gaming

We’ll focus on these very advancements and see the kind of effect that AI has on the world of gaming and the possibilities that it harbors

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The future is here, and the biggest evidence is none other than the gaming industry. While some may not consider so, the world of gaming is the perfect example of how advanced our technologies are at this point. But this is not where it stops. As more and more advancements are inflicted every day, the world of gaming keeps progressing to unimaginable levels. 

Be it mobile or video games, advancements are evident everywhere. One such prominent advancement is the use of AI in the world of gaming. In this article, we will focus on these very advancements and see the kind of effect that AI has on the world of gaming and the possibilities that it harbors. If you are ready, let us take a look at what the future holds for us. 

AI in the gaming industry

The implication of AI in the gaming industry is nothing new. AI was very much present in the making of games from the very beginning. However, lately, there have been more commercial applications, and some companies, such as Betnero for casino games, are taking this innovation to whole new levels.

The public is witnessing the use of AI like none before in the gaming world, allowing the world to experience gaming like never before. Various programming and software technologies are being mixed to form more complex games with a better interface and provide an impeccable gamer experience. 

From automatically recreating planets for exploration (No Man’s Sky) to creating undefeatable bosses who can react and predict player moves (Dark Souls), AI is allowing us to experience what no one ever thought would be possible for games. 

These examples barely scratch the surface. What lies beneath promises more thrill and wonder. Next, we shall look at what the future holds for AI in the gaming industry. 

AI in the Future of gaming 

The main areas that AI will probably influence in the gaming world are the following:

Decision making

Decision-making games are probably one of the most popular types of games out there. Now, with the aid of AI, these types of games are expected to be more complex and detailed. The slightest change in your choices or decisions can open up completely different paths. The result — a more realistic approach and holistic gaming experience that will seem far from playing a game. 


Pathfinding games are the ones with the main aim of traveling from one point to another. The landscapes and ambiance are the main features of such games. AI here will determine the construction of said surroundings based on your moves, playing styles, and various other factors. 


What if your games were not games at all? What if your character felt emotions just like you did? NPC games are the types with original characters and storylines, with provisions where they can interact with each other. AI can help refine these games where the characters are programmed to have emotional reactions based on the user’s moves and choices. 

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