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Review: Akaso EK 7000 Action Camera

This camera is great for anyone looking for an affordable camera that is specifically designed for fast moving action videography and photography.

Akaso EK 7000 Action Camera
Image: Amazon

In the year 2014, the use of action cameras greatly increased by 44%. These cameras are very popular with sports enthusiasts. You can often times find these little gadgets attached to helmets, bike handlebars, and surfboards. When wanting to capture different angles and viewpoints, camera users opt to use multiple cameras at once. Follow along as I dive into the features of an action camera by Akaso.

The EK7000 by Akaso has a plethora of advanced camera features any highly active person would love. All of these features and other components that work together to make this a useable camera are compiled in the compact body of the EK7000. The camera comes packaged with seven mounts, a bicycle stand, a waterproof case, a helmet mount, two clips and many other useful accessories.

The Akaso EK7000 is a 4K action camera that shoots at 25fps. It does a fine job focusing on moving objects and renders accurate colors for a natural and sharp picture. You have the added option of manipulating the onboard settings by use of the attached LCD screen or through your own smartphone device. IOS and Android operating systems are supported by EK7000 camera.


Like other cameras in its class, the body of the EK7000 boasts a compact rectangular shape. It is enclosed in a clear plastic outer shell with a sleek silver bottom. As a result of its small stature, the sensor extends from the body in a unique way. Underneath the base of the camera is housed its very own built-in mount. Compared to other cameras in its class, the EK7000 is one of the smaller ones. The clear plastic case is suited for extreme weather condition and is IP68 certified.

The layout of this camera has been kept simple for ease of use and efficiency. On the back side of the camera, you will find the 2″ LCD display. The front of the camera houses the protruding sensor and the power button. There are MicroSD, MicroHDMI and MinisUSB ports located on the right side of the compact body. The navigation buttons for the onboard menu can be found on the left side of the camera body.


The extended sensor is powerful enough to capture videos in 4K resolution at 25 frames per second. The framerate can be bumped to 30 frames per second when you switch the resolution from 4K to 2K. With its powerful unique sensor, it captures photos by use of its 12MP camera and bursts photos at 30 frames per second. There is no internal storage on the EK7000.

You have the option to use class 10 micro SD external storage options for up to 64GB of space. The camera comes fully waterproofed allowing it to be submerged up to 100 feet before it suffers any water damage.

You can connect to the EZiCam app by way of WIFI to transfer the photos you capture to your IOS or Android device. On the camera, you will find an HDMI port that allows you to connect an external screen to view your videos and photos on a larger display. The battery that comes with the EK7000 performs exceptionally well compared to cameras in its class.

Two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries are included in the package. Each battery can record a video for up to an average of 90 minutes before you will have to recharge the battery for further use. An additional cell is also included in the ensemble to help protect the battery from overheating.

Another much appreciated accessory that is included in the boxing is the 2.4G Remote Control. With this added control feature you can now manipulate the camera functions via the external remote switch, without having to touch the body of the camera. By use of the remote, you are able to start and stop recording video whenever you choose. For action sports enthusiasts, this is a great addition to the overall camera package.


The quality of videos and photos that come from this camera are clean and crisp before and after production. When shooting videos at the standard framerate, the slow motion renders smooth. The higher resolutions coupled with higher framerates do not perform as well as shooting at the standard framerate.


The EK7000 is an action camera that boasts some impressive onboard features. With the continued climb for better video and photo production quality, many are opting for the 4K resolution cameras over the previously preferred 1080P cameras. This camera is great for anyone looking for an affordable camera that is specifically designed for fast moving action videography and photography.

The camera is currently available for purchase at $69.99.

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