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Aktien Pros Review – the future is now [2022 Updated]

Aktien Pros utilizes two different platforms. A web browser-based platform for your desktop or tablet PC and their Mobile application, downloadable for iOS and Android.

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Whether you are new to the world of online trading or an experienced professional, you would have definitely come across the term, “Cryptocurrency”.

Regardless of how much returns you are able to generate with traditional stocks, forex, or indices, Crypto appeals to even the most skeptical traders.

The ability to build your own digital wallet is just within reach with the presence of online brokers and trading platforms. But who do you trust?

The growth of crypto also spurred the parallel growth of digital scams. Hence, one must be careful while choosing a broker online.

Aktien Pros

Germany-based Aktien Pros deals exclusively in not just Cryptocurrency, but also forex, indices, energy, raw materials, and precious metals.

With a trading platform that is built around the user’s experience, Aktien Pros aims for all its clients to get the best of both worlds! 

Aktien Pros at a glance

Minimum Account Balance You can start with any amount up to $10k for a basic account
Guaranteed ReturnsNo returns guarantee
Number of cryptocurrenciesA range of cryptocurrencies is available including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Website TransparencyThe website is very informative
Mobile ApplicationTwo highly-rated apps for iOS and Android
Customer ServiceEmail and Telephone support are available 24/7

More Details about Aktien Pros


Aktien Pros is tightly regulated by MONEYVAL, the European Union’s tight regulator with 47 member states. They strictly follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations.

Hence, your funds will never end up in the wrong hands or be used towards financing illegal activities worldwide. 


Aktien Pros utilizes two different platforms. A web browser-based platform for your desktop or tablet PC and their Mobile application, downloadable for iOS and Android.

They understand that every client has unique needs, therefore, users can decide which platform they prefer. The web platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. Similarly, their mobile application is simple and quick to use.

However, the mobile application does come with the downsides of clogging your phone’s storage and draining your battery. Whereas for the web-based platform you will require a web browser to log in.

Trading Accounts

aktien pros trading accounts graph

Aktien Pros offer seven different types of trading accounts, each suited to unique client needs. 

The downside is, you need more than $10,000 to access their slightly better features.

Additional Features

Safe and Secure

With Aktien Pros, the security of user information and funds is at the heart of their existence. Therefore, your data will never be sold to third parties and end-to-end encryption ensures your privacy is maintained at all times.

Margin Funding

Aktien Pros allows liquidity providers to generate yields by providing funding to traders in need of leverage. 

Margin Trading

With the provision of access to peer-to-peer funding to all its clients, Aktien Pros allows up to 5x leverage on trades. 


Aktien Pros offers order books with top-tier liquidity, allowing clients to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, and various other digital assets.

Customizable Interface

Clients have the freedom to organize their workspace according to their own needs. They offer the freedom to choose layouts and themes as you see fit. Furthermore, you can set up notifications.

Order types

Aktien Pros offers a variety of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario using advanced algorithms. 

Final Verdict: Where Aktien Pros Shines and Where It Falls Short

Aktien Pros is overall a great platform for investors seeking to maximize the value of their savings within cryptocurrency, precious metals, Forex, indices, stocks and energy CFDs.

Their seven different types of accounts based on individual investment needs allow freedom to access markets based on client liquidity.

Clients have the freedom to choose between using their platform on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, or even all three! 


You need at least a minimum investment of $10,000 for a slightly better trade experience which may not make Aktien Pros suitable for small investors seeking to enter the world of Crypto and other CFDs.

Further, the basic account type doesn’t offer an account manager so the risks of trading at that level are elevated. 


Aktien Pros offers the most competitive industry spreads compared to other online trading platforms. It seems to be a reasonable choice considering they are tightly regulated.

Your data and funds are secure and you have access to all Cryptocurrencies and other CFDs under one platform.

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