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Alexander Machkevitch: Achievements of the Jewish community in charity in the CIS countries

alexander machkevitch

The Jewish community has a thousand-year tradition of mutual assistance and respect. Representatives of one of the oldest nations in history, scattered all over the planet, could not maintain their identity without helping each other.

In many ways, unity, acceptance, and mutual support all became part of the Jewish mentality and caused the emergence of negative prejudices towards them. This even provoked the appearance of myths about world Jewry, which invisibly controls all of humanity.

To tithe from your income is the rule of every Jew. Amazingly, the Old Testament is followed today. Moreover, more and more people around the world realize the importance of investing in non-commercial projects. With the advent of globalization, the realization has come that we all live in a single world, we are all dependent on each other, and numerous problems can be solved only by joint efforts.

Disunity, greed, and lack of values ​​are the main problems of mankind, which in our high-tech age can lead to irreversible consequences.

In this material, we will reveal the features of the implementation of the charity strategy of one of the richest people in Eurasia and the most active representative of the Jewish community – Alexander Machkevitch.

Alexander Machkevitch: the path of a scientist and businessman

An outstanding representative of the Jewish community was born in 1954 in Bishkek. The son of representatives of the Karaite ethnos – Turkic-speaking Jews who inhabited the space of Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire.

Alexander Machkevitch is a successor to the affairs of his parents. So, his father Anton Azarievich is an outstanding doctor and scientist who made an invaluable contribution to improving the work of healthcare in Central Asia. His scientific work, entitled “Hygiene of Rural Water Supply,” helped save hundreds of thousands of people from infections. Mother of Alexander Machkevitch – lawyer Rakhil Yoffe – recognized as one of the best theorists and practitioners of Soviet law, who had been devoted to jurisprudence for decades. Later, in her honor, her son will build the Beit Rachel-Chabad synagogue, the largest in all of Central Asia.

The first life choice of Alexander Machkevitch was to become a scientist and teacher. So, at the age of 27 he defends his thesis on pedagogy and psychology, and at 30 he becomes the dean of the native faculty at the University of Bishkek.

In 1988, Alexander Machkevitch reinvented himself and became a private entrepreneur. Already in 1990, he joined the category of the first major businessmen in the history of the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Perestroika era. What was the career and life of Alexander  Machkevitch known to almost everyone, and hundreds of articles have been written on the topic of his career and life path.

Today, the businessman is one of the co-owners of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), the largest industrial and financial complex that generates from 5 to 10% of the total GDP of Kazakhstan.

Alexander Machkevitch: results of charity work in the Eurasian space

Since 2000, Alexander Machkevitch began active humanitarian and charitable activities. He establishes the Jewish Congress as one of the few successful representatives of the Jewish community, is a member of the board of the Jewish Congress of Europe and the head of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. The head of the humanitarian organization “Keren Hayesod.”

According to experts, Machkevitch’s spending on non-commercial projects is approaching $200 million. The lion’s share of the funds was spent on the implementation of important infrastructure projects in Kyrgyzstan, the first estate of the philanthropist, and in Kazakhstan, where he moved in 1995.

Thanks to Machkevitch’s personal initiative, new synagogues were built throughout the region, including one of the largest in the world, Beit Rachel-Chabad Lubavich, in Astana. Machkevitch is one of the sponsors of the Civil Party and is working hard to establish mutual understanding, communication, and mutual support between representatives of all faiths and peoples living in Central Asia. To this end, he finances the construction of not only synagogues, but also Orthodox churches and mosques, demonstrating respect for the spiritual values ​​of residents of the CIS.

Special attention deserves the implementation of cultural and educational programs by Alexander Machkevitch. He is one of the trustees of Bishkek State University, where he worked for many years, and now he finances the activities of educational and cultural centers operating in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

One of the main activities of the charity organization of the co-owner of ERG is providing access to high-quality and free medicine to representatives of the Jewish community and not just them. In particular, Alexander Machkevitch is a donor to the Odessa rehabilitation center for sick children. It supports the Kazakh-Israeli billionaire and centuries-old traditions of Ukrainian-Jewish cooperation. Alexander Machkevitch built the Beit Shmuel rehabilitation center.

The institution appeared in the long-standing center of the Jewish community of the Kiev region – the city of Anatevka. The three-story building, built on a plot of 2 thousand square meters, is aimed at helping victims of the hostilities in the east of Ukraine and ordinary residents of the suburbs of the Ukrainian capital. The center also acts as a public and cultural center, as well as a platform for establishing intercultural dialogue.

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