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All the reasons why you should translate your web page

Using a website translation plugin such as Weglot allows WordPress users to easily translate their website instantly. 

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Consider your website the window display of your shop. What individuals see through the window is essential in your company’s turn of events and achievement.

Breaking language barriers increases the conceivable outcomes of making your business international. Translating your website is crucial in obtaining clients from different countries.

Did you know that you need to add at least ten languages to reach 87% of web clients?

Imagine how much your company could gain by translating your site into only 2 or 3 languages,  translating a website is easy when you have the right tool at hand.

Still not persuaded?  Let’s take a look at five reasons why getting your website translated is vital for your company.

1. Target a more extensive audience

Are you attempting to expand your business? Website translation has become essential for a company’s progress in our globalized economy.

You want to translate your website into the target audience’s languages to target an international audience. The translation may cost a touch of cash.

However, the drawn-out advantages will make you wish you had done it sooner. Like all ventures, the cost to start with should pay off over the long haul.

2. Gain client trust

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Various examinations have demonstrated the essential requirement for multilingualism in E-trade.

Clients reading a website in their language will want to understand it quickly. By reaching out to customers in their native language, you are bound to gain their trust.

3. Further develop your SEO strategy

What can a professional translator do to support your search result rankings?

An SEO-accommodating website should have a clear strategy, Meta titles, and Meta depictions. These are the aspects Google sees while choosing to rank you in its search engines or not. 

Website translation is key to getting ranked in international search engines. 

4. I don’t have the foggiest idea, so why would it be advisable for me to purchase anything?

Even though almost half of the people visit websites in languages other than their own, over 67% prefer to make purchases in their native language.

Translating your webpage is prone to significantly further developing your conversion rates.

5. Reality check: The world doesn’t simply speak English.

Google Translate
Image: TechnoBuffalo

According to W3techs, in 2015, English was the language utilized for 54% of websites.

Assuming your goal is to expand into new markets and obtain new clients, it’s to your most significant advantage to make your website available in additional languages.

Weglot’s Translate-The best tool for website translation

Weglot Translate, a WordPress plugin helps you translate your website instantly and without code. 

Instead of dealing with the cost and administrative headaches of maintaining numerous websites, it gives WordPress users an easy-to-utilize and feature-rich alternative for all their website’s translation needs.

Its main features include:

  • Fast and simple integration
  • Translate your site’s language with the snap of a button (without any code)
  • Offers 100+ languages (plus custom languages)
  • Uses machine and human translations ( with access to professional translators)
  • Easy translation management through your translations list or visual editor 
  • Create custom translation rules through a glossary and the option to exclude certain pages and blocks
  • Search and Replace for easy translation of words and phrases across your site
  • Follows Google best practices for multilingual SEO
  • Easily edit and move your language switcher button
  • Compatible with all plugins and themes, including WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, etc
  • Easy-to-utilize interface for managing translations (incorporates automatic, manual, and professional translation)
  • Media translation


The internet has allowed any business to sell internationally.

Using a website translation plugin such as Weglot allows WordPress users to easily translate their website instantly. 

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