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Amazing iPhone hacks and tricks you should know about

gold apple iphone 6 on table
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There are plenty of things that your trusted iPhone can already do even if you have not yet upgraded to the latest model of the iPhone. The number of features that are packed into it makes it nothing short of a box full of wonder. There are more than a dozen cool features hidden beneath the ones that you already know. The following are some of the coolest iPhone tricks and hacks that you need to know of.

Install and Backup iPhone Apps with the iTunes

Apple removed App Store section from the iTunes in the iTunes 12.7. This means that it is not possible to install and backup the apps using the iTunes until you are prepared to downgrade to an earlier version. There are several apps that you can use to install and backup apps on the iPhone from the Pac or Mac without the iTunes. In fact, you get a lot of freedom compared to the iTunes. Apps can be individually extracted from the backup. You can also backup and export the iMessages.

Accessing the Recovery Mode through RecBoot

RecBoot is one of the best ways of using the iPhone recovery mode. You can download recboot and avail the essential features of this software. One of the most common errors, namely the iTunes 1015 error can be fixed using the RecBoot. Also, if an iPad, iPhone, or iPod falls into the boot loop, the software can be used to bring your device out of the boot loop.

Getting a Level Tool in the Camera App

Go to the camera from the settings and turn on the Grid feature. After, going to the camera app, you will see a crosshair right in the middle of the screen while pointing the camera down. Try to match the crosshairs to ensure that they overlap. This means that you have got the camera leveled perfectly against that surface.

Text to Speech Conversion Hack

The iPhone Operating System can read aloud any text that you want it to read. Start by going to the Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech. From the speech option, turn on Speak Selection and then Speak Screen. The next time you are on to reading a long article that you need to read out loud, you just need to swipe down with your two fingers, and the iOS will start up reading anything that is on the screen.

Remotely track your iPhone

Several tools help you to monitor the activity on the iPhone remotely. The apps like these can be of great help if you have kids in your home. The iCloud login of the device is all that you need. For apps like mSpy, you need not install any other software on the iOS device.

Get Siri to Do the Things for You

There is no denying the fact that Siri is not as good as answering all of your questions as Google assistant does. But it is great at doing things for you especially the tasks that form a part of iOS stock apps. Ask Siri to do tasks like Operating WhatsApp, sending a message, calling someone, setting the alarm, adding things to the shopping list, and also to turn on and off the Bluetooth. Siri can be trusted upon to do all of these tasks reliably every time.

The Hack for Reachability

Not able to reach the top of your iPhone screen on the Plus models? By double tapping on the home button, the screen will come sliding down for you. If you have iPhone X, the feature needs to be enabled from Settings -> General -> Accessibility.

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