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Amazon is blowing out 200GB SanDisk microSD cards at just $27 a pop

Seriously, grab a few at this price. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

200gb microsd card
Image: Amazon

So, we’re not really sure if this is a price mistake on Amazon’s part or not, but for some reason, they’re selling this 200GB microSD cards from SanDisk for just $27. Let us repeat that again: A 200GB microSD card for just $27.

Yea, that doesn’t seem to make any sense. Do yourself a favor and scoop one up at this discounted price before Amazon figures out their screw up. Seriously, you won’t find this cheaper anywhere else. Heck, grab a few at this price. We’re confident you’ll never find a microSD card with the same storage capacity at a cheaper price.

Seriously, go go go.

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