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AMS Software: Top five must-have tools for students

AMS Software develops tools to make your life easier: they are extremely useful, and easy-to-understand, so you will find suitable software for any purpose.

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Being a student can sometimes be overwhelming: a lot of new responsibilities, deadlines, and duties may cause great stress and confusion. AMS Software has developed a range of programs to help you get through these difficult and nerve-racking times.

Whether you need a professional presentation for a project, a creative illustration for a university newspaper, or a simple yet extensive day planner, these tools will be immensely helpful and will simplify your daily student life.

PhotoWorks – to boost your creativity

Student life is not only about studying, sometimes you need to participate in extracurricular activities, like creating a photo album for your fellow students or writing and illustrating a university newspaper. PhotoWorks has an endless amount of photo editing tools, including filters, color adjustments, and text options. You can quickly enhance the quality of a photo, easily change the background, remove skin roughness, or restore an old picture. And these features will help you:

  • 150 photo filters
  • Quick portrait enhancement
  • Easy tone correction
  • One-click enhancement tools

SmartSHOW 3D – to get good marks


Need a professional presentation to get the highest score on your project? With SmartSHOW 3D you can create a skillful and spectacular presentation in no time. Running out of time? Use the “Slideshow in five minutes” templates and make a great presentation in one click. Depending on what you need, you can convert your work in any popular format and upload it online or burn it to a CD/DVD. Below is a quick summary of the best qualities:

  • Over 350 transition and animation options and 3D effects
  • 3D text effects
  • Over 200 royalty-free songs
  • Built-in photo editing tools

Passport Photo Maker – to save money

If you need a new photo for your student ID but don’t necessarily want to spend money, Passport Photo Maker is a lifesaver. It provides a huge variety of ID types divided into countries, automatically showing you requirements for the selected type of document. The program also includes basic photo editing tools for a quick fix-up as well as background options. The following features will convince you:

  • Smart cropping tool
  • Up-to-date photo templates
  • Printing options of any size and amount
  • Photo enhancement tools 

Photo Calendar Creator – to get organized


As a student, you definitely have a very busy schedule. Keeping track of all your deadlines and important dates gets more and more difficult when you take on more responsibilities. Photo Calendar Creator will help you to remember the report deadlines and your best friend’s birthday. Here are some best features of the program:

  • Over 250 templates for all kinds of calendars
  • Public and customized holidays included
  • Second language option
  • Calendar in any size: from a wall calendar to a pocket one

Phoenix – to save what was lost 

This happens to the best of us: you work on your paper for weeks, put a lot of effort into it, finalize it and… a system error accidentally deletes the whole thing! This is very devastating and unnecessary stressful but no worries, Phoenix is here to help and restore all the deleted documents. Regardless of how you lost your data – because of a system error, accidental deletion, or formatting, Phoenix will save your day. Not yet convinced? Check out the highlights:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Convenient search filters
  • The calculated probability of recovery prior to the restoring process
  • Preserved original names

All in all, AMS Software develops tools to make your life easier: they are extremely useful, and easy-to-understand, so you will find suitable software for any purpose. Enjoy the best years of your life and don’t stress too much: AMS Software programs will help you achieve your goals.

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