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3 music discovery Android apps you need to check out

Looking for some new music discovery apps for your Android device? We got you covered with three new apps.

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Obsolete apps can be boring. Android app developers have released some of the best apps this August. Some of the best Android upgrades and releases in August on the market at the moment are Like, SpotyTube and Placer App.


This is an app for Android users who love music, singing or recording themselves. Like is the type of app which is likely to fascinate mostly youngsters. It is a social app that was built for recording lip sync videos. The videos can then be shared with friends on social media. It has options to add filters and effects to photos and videos. Videos can also be viewed by other Like users across the globe.


SpotyTube is a music app which helps you to discover new music videos, trends, releases, music charts and music news from around the world.  It provides correct musical content whenever you want.  SpotyTube gets its information from sources such as YouTube, Billboard among other musical charts. The app works only when YouTube app is installed on the device SpotyTube is to be installed. You can also visit internet gambling sites when it’s on. It also provides a platform to watch YouTube videos based on SpotyTube database. SpotyTube comes with distinct features such as browsing charts from different countries and according to mood. Another unique feature is the ability to save your playlist.

Placer App

This app is perfect mostly for out goers or people who love going to events. Its name implies its use, Placer stands in the queue for before you even get to the event. It provides you with this service through linking you with other users on Placer and someone will wait in line for you to you get there. These people who stand in line for people are paid by clients they stand on their behalf.  This app is a life saver for people who hate queue and those with limited time on their side


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