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AppleCare+ now includes more coverage and lower replacement fees

Some welcome additions are now available with the service.

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AppleCare+ has received some updates in recent days, and surprisingly, Apple didn’t make a big deal out of it.

The AppleCare+ warranty plan will now cover two incidents of accidental damage per year. Before this, AppleCare+ also covered two incidents, but only one every twelve months. For some products such as the Macs, the coverage was for 36 months. This new policy covers Apple Watches, Macs, Pro Display XDR, Apple TV, iPads, AirPods, Beats, headphones, and iPhones.

However, even with the AppleCare+, a deductible still needs to be paid in cases of accidental damage. But when you compare that to the price of a new iPhone, the deductible (between $30 and $149) seems a lot more acceptable.

Furthermore, Apple has adjusted the cost to replace a stolen iPhone. In the past, to replace a stolen iPhone, users had to fork out somewhere from $149 to $269. As a general rule, the newer the iPhone model, the higher the cost. With the recent changes, there is a single flat fee of just $149, no matter the model.

The new changes apply to all AppleCare+ users, not just the new ones. That’s because Apple is not introducing a new coverage plan, as it was the case when AppleCare+ was added as an alternative to the existing AppleCare coverage. Instead, this is an expansion to current coverage that brings a list of new benefits to its owners.

The user can obtain AppleCare+ by buying a new iPhone, for a one-time fee of $200. Alternatively, you can pay $10 per month over a period of twenty months. If you already have an Apple product and are interested in AppleCare+, you can also get Apple to check if your device is eligible. Once they check the device via a remote diagnostic tool, they can tell you whether the device is still eligible for an AppleCare+ coverage or not.

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