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Apple’s latest AirPods just a got a $20 discount on Amazon

$20 is a better discount than what Apple will offer you.

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Image: Unsplash

Back in March, Apple launched its latest AirPods, the AirPods 2. I know, what an inventive name. Its current pricing is around $160. Today, Amazon is knocking off $20, bringing the price down to just $140. Sure, it’s not the biggest discount, but hey, it’s a whole lot better than paying the full sticker price.

So what’s new? What’s the new hotness? What makes these AirPods 2 better than the last AirPods? To make it easier, we’ll let Curtis explain:

For starters, the new AirPods are powered by the new H1 chip, which was designed to pretty much deliver the so-called magical experience of using AirPods. I don’t know about magical, but the chip promises to deliver faster connect times, more talk time (by about an hour) and more hands-free “Hey Siri” time. There is also a new wireless battery case. Changing songs, making a call, adjusting the volume and getting directions (to the Apple Store probably) can all be handled without touching and only muttering “Hey Siri”.

Not a bad deal for $140, right? Yup, you’re not wrong.

One thing we should point out about this deal. Amazon’s product page notes that they don’t have any in stock until May 8th. So essentially, you’re preordering these headphones at a discount.

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