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Appy Pie offers unlimited free push notifications for app owners

Understand that push notifications are something your app users want to hear and not essentially what you want to tell them.

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Push notifications are one of the best marketing tools you can use. They help businesses increase their customer retention rates and boost customer engagement. Push notifications appear quite like text messages in the notification dropdown of a smartphone. However, they are quite different. Unlike messages that can be sent externally, push notifications must be added as a feature during the mobile application development process. 

Push notifications increase the perceived value of your apps and helps you increase user activity in your apps. Let us try and understand more about what push notifications are, their benefits for app owners, and how you can create an effective push notification.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are pop-up messages sent to a user who has downloaded your apps. These messages can be about anything from payment reminders and product updates to discount offers and delivery information. 

Sending out push notifications is an excellent way of shaking up inactive users to take some kind of action. You can send your user’s personalized offers, thoughtful reminders, and general company news. This way you are more likely to retain your app users for a longer-term. You can attract more people with the help of push notifications and drive meaningful in-app activity to receive more returns through your mobile app. 

What are the Benefits of Using Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a powerful and efficient way of keeping your app users engaged. Here are a few benefits that you get if you include push notifications in your business app.

  • Stimulate user engagement
  • Re-engage/retain users
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Target the right users
  • Track actionable metrics
  • Enhance brand consistency
  • Improve customer care strategy
  • Reduce efforts in the customer journey
  • Communication with great ease

Let us go on further and take a look at what you need to keep in mind to create a perfect push notification message.

How to Create Effective Push Notifications

Here are a few rules that you should follow before you send out your first push notification message.

  • Know What Your Users Want: Before you start sending out notifications to your users, you must know what they want. Try to figure out why they have downloaded your app. To understand their interests and preferences, try to analyze their usage patterns.
  • Ask for Permission: Ask for the users’ permission before you start sending them push notifications. Send a catchy permission message and have them opt-in for the push notifications service first. Empower your app users with the power of disabling this service anytime.
  • Choose the right timing: Push notifications should be sent out at the right time. Mornings should be push-free, but there is more about timing that you need to keep in mind before creating a schedule. Make sure you send them these messages when they have plenty of time to read them. Poorly planned push messages can drive the users away.
  • Avoid being pushy: Your push notification should sound like an invite instead of a forced message. You are sending this message to your consumer and you have limited characters, Make the best use of them. Try to avoid robotic language and keep in mind your consumers’ interests and benefits. Push Notifications can be a great retention tool if used right. So, send out what you would want to read if it was sent to you.
  • Target them right: Segment your target audience based on their preferences. By doing this, you can send the geotargeted and location-based push notifications. This can help you convert your inactive users into active ones.
  • Analyze Performance and Engagement Stats: If you are sending out push notifications and getting a poor response, it means you need to change your strategy. Monitor your stats and keep a track of user engagement. Test different push notification messages at different times of the day, even different days to check what works best for you and your mobile app.
  • Appreciate your positioning: You might have something remarkable about your business that users have opted-in for your push notification service and invited you into their personal mobile space. Always appreciate and respect your position.

Why Appy Pie’s Push Notifications

Appy Pie’s push notifications service helps you keep your app users engaged. They let you deliver only the relevant information and drive more activity into your app. With Appy Pie, you can send out notifications to specific users based on their location, time zone, or interests. With Appy Pie’s AppMakr you can avail unlimited free push notifications as an add on and use them to convert your mobile app users into paying customers.

Appy Pie’s push notifications offer a heap of opportunities for businesses to expand their reach of messaging and establish better relationships with their users. The push notifications service allows you to accurately track your app performance through different analytics. This way, you can check out what works and make improvements wherever required.

Simply sending out a push notification is not enough if you want to retain your app users. You need to look into the analytics and study a variety of metrics to check if it is doing any good for your business. Appy Pie’s AppMakr helps you keep an eye on all those metrics. Here is a checklist that you can consult in order to track the performance of your service. 

  • Click-through rate and open rate on push notifications
  • Increase in sales or revenue if any
  • Number of notifications delivered
  • Whether the user launched a mobile app after receiving push notification 
  • Time spent on the app after opening push notifications

Make sure you measure these parameters at the end of the day to check if your app is on the right track. Use push notifications cleverly for your marketing and keep tweaking the message and the timing, according to the way your users use your app. Understand that push notifications are something your app users want to hear and not essentially what you want to tell them. Keep this in mind and value your customers more to grow your business.

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