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Struggling to get paid fairly for your content? ARA Blocks could be the solution

Helping content creators get what they deserve.

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If you are an artist, a writer, or any other content producer, you know just how hard it is to make a decent paycheck with the stuff you distribute online. A major factor in this struggle is the middlemen, which usually take up a huge sum of your dividends in fees and other mandatory payments.

What if you could distribute your content directly to the respective targets, while still having security mechanisms to make sure all transactions are safe and traceable? All this is possible with ARA Blocks, a platform that harnesses the power of the famous blockchain technology to revolutionize the content producing and sharing industry.

Disrupting the traditional pipeline

ARA wants to fight the establishment of the traditional pipeline which, by often being centralized on and controlled by large corporations, ends up being unfair for the artist/creator, as a chunk of the payment is withheld by those entities. This is not the case with ARA Blocks as, in this platform, all the content is decentralized and is distributed directly.

This platform is a DCDN, which stands for “Decentralized Content Delivery Network.” Comparing this to traditional delivery networks, a DCDN helps reduce the costs to share and store content, as this is done by the users, who act as delivery nodes. In addition, and in the specific case of ARA, users become more engaged due to the existing rewards, as they receive ARA tokens, the platform’s cryptocurrency, for hosting the information.

Helping content creators through smart contracts

ARA Blocks uses Ethereum in its architecture which, along with the use of Smart Contracts, allows for full security and traceability of transactions. This decentralization also allows creators to have a decentralized license.

A few specific examples of the kind of activity that can benefit from this platform include content creation, game development, distribution platforms, and hardware support. But, really, the true value in ARA Blocks is how it frees content creators and distributors from the chains of big companies, and gives creators all the cards for them to succeed in the goal of getting paid fairly.

Are you a content creator? Do blockchain and crypto seem like an interesting avenue for you to pursue?

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