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Are Black Friday appliance deals worth it?

As we advise below – clearly decide what you need and buy this particular thing first. Enjoy your shopping!

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Black Friday is coming, so there is a reason to plan big shopping. The specificity of Black Friday is that discounts are given by retailers of any kind – both small shops and large retail chains. It makes buyers get lost in the diversity of promotional items that they can immediately purchase. However, there is a logical question – why it is worth buying household appliances on Black Friday. Let’s find the answer.

Top-5 Appliance Deals on Black Friday

An experienced buyer knows that on this day it is most profitable to buy clothes and household appliances. Clothing, as a rule, has the maximum discounts among all other types of goods, because they reach the record 70%. However, if your wardrobe does not need updating in the short term, then the next point to consider is appliance deals. Before you start hunting for profitable offers, it is worth studying the Black Friday ads 2020 on Rabato and paying attention to the following items:

  1. Climatic Appliances: Traditionally, air conditioners become cheaper by winter, while heaters, on the contrary, become more expensive.
  2. Kitchen Appliances: Shops offer big discounts on small appliances such as electric kettles. This is due to the fact that there are too many such goods at the warehouses, and the place is limited.
  3. Electronics: There are also big discounts on the equipment that traditionally has a high price: TVs, laptops, refrigerators. Discounts on these products can be up to 50%.
  4. Smartphones: Sales of small gadgets cannot be called record-breaking (about 25% off). However, you can buy quality accessories as they could be sold at maximum discounts. You can purchase covers, extra batteries, screen protectors, or glasses – on Black Friday they will cost significantly less.
  5. Gamer Accessories: Game consoles, joysticks, headphones, and other gamer equipment for amateurs and professionals can be bought at a 30%-50% discount on the websites of large retailers.

By the way, discounts are made not only on expensive goods. The promotion applies to all price segments, from budget to premium. Of course, the sizes of the discounts differ, and the premium product is unlikely to be cheaper than 25% or more, but you can still get a considerable discount. Now let’s discuss some tips on how to properly plan your shopping before Black Friday.

How to Buy Goods on Black Friday and Avoid Regrets

People are greedy by nature, which makes them wake up with a whole cart of hardly necessary goods and completely empty wallet. To avoid such a situation, we recommend making a list of necessary things by category, as well as planning the budget that you are willing to spend. If you buy all the necessary goods, and you have free money, you can buy whatever your heart desires. In addition, we recommend focusing on the following tips:

1) Study the Assortment in Advance

If you already know what exactly you are willing to buy and where you need to remember the prices for the goods that you plan to purchase on Black Friday in 2020. It is also worth subscribing to the store’s mailing lists in order to follow great deals online. In this way, you will easily define if the discounts are real, or this is only a marketing trick.

2) Don’t Be Fooled by Suspicious Discounts

If you are offered a 70% discount on 11 iPhones on a prepaid basis, then do not rush to give them your money. Most likely you get this offer from an unknown seller, and you will not get any iPhone, and your money will be wasted. Branded items have never had such big discounts. A premium item on Black Friday will have a 5-10% discount at best, which is certainly not bad, but still not 70%.

3) Watch out

Before the Black Friday night, stay awake to check the newsletters and profitable offers. They can appear suddenly, and you need to give a prompt response. If you buy goods online, then you need to know: most stores start discounts at 12 p.m., and hot goods can be sold almost immediately. If you like going to bed early, then the next morning your favorite items may be simply not available.

Wrapping up

First of all, it is best to buy large and small household appliances, air conditioners, TVs, laptops, and accessories for smartphones. You can also pay attention to the smartphones themselves – prices for them will nevertheless be significantly reduced. However, we will not recommend you to buy a product only because of its cheapness. As we advised above – clearly decide what you need and buy this particular thing first. Enjoy your shopping!

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