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Are self driving cars the future of motoring?

A lot of people are claiming self driving cars to be a safer option. This infographic digs into the anatomy of a self driving car.


It’s no surprise that self driving cars are the craze right now in some circles, particularly Google’s case. When the company unveiled its first prototype to the world back in May, it was met with praise and criticism. One one hand you had circles pointing out the dangers of having cars being driven by themselves, while others protested the safety of these vehicles. Either way, both sides have a fair argument.The self driven cars assess the vehicle by itself and also lets the owner know the issues the car has and also navigates the owner to the nearest electric motor repair company.

But let’s just ask ourselves for a second, are self driving cars really the future of motoring?

If you look at it from a safety point of view, it does make kind of sense to have self driving cars on the road. For example, did you know that Google’s self-driving cars have driven over 700,000 miles (or over 1.1 million kilometres)? Which is the equivalent of driving around the Earth 28 times. Last year, road deaths claimed 1.2 million lives worldwide, and Google claims that more than 90% of these fatalities were due to human error. As self-driving cars eliminate human error, this infographic from SMF explores what this means for the future of motoring.

Self Driving Cars – The Future of Motoring

Self Driving Cars

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