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Are SMS platforms still a feasible marketing tool?

Read on to know why the Short Message Service (SMS) is still one of the most preferred marketing tools of marketers and businesses.

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Did you know the average person picks up their phone almost 50 times a day? Which is just one of the reasons why SMS Platforms are still a feasible marketing tool. Although SMS faces the heat from email marketing and other E-Commerce tools, nothing quite sizes up to it.  Imagine your company’s promotional texts getting 98% read-rate within minutes of being sent, anytime, anywhere. SMS Marketing helps do that, and much more. 

Read on to know why the Short Message Service (SMS) is still one of the most preferred marketing tools of marketers and businesses. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing involves sending a company/brand’s marketing offers or other information via text message. Businesses use this cost-effective tool to communicate promotional material to existing customers who have signed up for text messages. Texting has the best customer engagement rate of all marketing tools. Recent surveys reveal about 82% of consumers choose to enable SMS notifications, and almost 78% of consumers prefer text messages over making calls to businesses. 

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Simple and Immediate Delivery

SMS marketing is fast; once you hit the “send” button, your message goes out immediately. This way you can reach diverse demographics at the same time; and get hundreds of clicks in a matter of minutes. 

Cost effectiveness 

Compared to traditional marketing, text marketing is an inexpensive communication tool that will keep your business budget in check.

Highest Engagement rate

Emails can go unread for days, phone calls can remain unanswered, but text messages will almost always be read instantly once delivered. According to research, SMS has eight times the response rate of emails and a read rate of about 98% within minutes of delivery. 

Easily Tracked and Analysed 

There are many texting platforms that allow you to manage text message campaigns at every step, starting with delivery and opening. Metadata helps you to analyse your marketing process including customer behaviour, ROI, SMS open rates.  


You can send customised promotional SMS to your customers based on their unique tastes and preferences. Using informal words like “you”, “I”, and “friends” can make the reader happy and boost engagement.   

Integration with other mediums 

You can integrate social media and SMS to ensure your marketing communication reaches your target user.  For instance it is easy to embed a hyperlink in your text message that redirects the user to your website.

Allows two-way interactions 

Mobile messaging allows two-way text engagement with your customers, which can go a long way in customer retention. You can get immediate feedback from subscribers through a mere tap on the “reply” button or a click on your link. This can direct them back to your site.  

Internet Free

You do not need the Internet for SMS marketing. This helps manage a seamless connect between the brand and the consumer. 

Delivery in Remote locations

SMS can reach users in remote locations where there is no Internet or smart phones. Text messages get delivered even if network signal is weak.  

If you wish to reap the benefits of SMS marketing, you can get a virtual number from Edgility to run your SMS campaigns. 

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