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Arker The Legend of Ohm is getting an exciting 3D redesign 

Players with the 3D versions will be able to play online with 2D users and follow their progress in both worlds.  

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Image: Arker: The Legend Of Ohm

Arker: The Legend Of Ohm is releasing a full 3D redesign of its 2D flagship game.

The project’s 3D version will be released with Triple-A graphics built on Unreal Engine 5. The major development will launch in Q4 2022 as a playable alpha. 

The online blockchain game where players set out to regain the Kingdom of Ohm, excels in integrating seamlessly NFTs, and the metaverse will be completed with many more features in 3D format.

Just like its 2D counterpart, the game includes a fantasy metaverse where gamers have limitless options, allowing them to select their champions and customize them in any way they like.

3D technology allows for more content, quests, and minigames to be included within the ecosystem.

A new addition is the ability to explore the world, enter the buildings, invest in virtual real estate, and open up businesses.  

However, the 3D version will be an extension of the standard 2D version, with developers stating that:

“We have to emphasize the point that we are not neglecting the current 2D version or the progress of the players in it,” the statement reads. “We also have to make clear that the 3D version we are working on for this year is an alpha version, in which the game will be tested in a controlled way.” 

The versions will also be interconnected, players with the 3D versions will be able to play online with 2D users and follow their progress in both worlds.  

The announcement comes at a time of huge growth for Arker Labs, the company behind the project, marking the will to expand further.

Arker: The Legend of Ohm

The 2D version of Arker’s Legend of Ohm was a success and has seen a lot of adoption with about 8,000 daily active users and nearly 1 million games played. 

The game has already attracted big players in the industry, making it among the first blockchain-based games to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2D version.

The Arker team promises this is only the beginning, with more partnerships and developments coming soon to “bring the game to the maximum number of possible platforms.”

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