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Asia Broadband bracing for the launch of their proprietary crypto exchange

The exchange, which is expected to have 20 trading pairs at launch with all major cryptocurrencies

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Having achieved several developmental milestones over the past few months, the resource company turned issuer of asset-backed AABBG token, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), is all set for the launch of its proprietary crypto exchange.

Asia Broadband has seen substantial success in a short period with its AABBG token and was quick to shift its focus this year towards developing a crypto exchange that creates utility for the token and contributes to its appreciation.

The exchange, which is expected to have 20 trading pairs at launch with all major cryptocurrencies, will have two functional modes called quick and advanced. While the quick exchange will allow users to make simple two-way swaps of AABBG tokens for other popular cryptocurrencies, the latter will allow users to manually set prices for buy and sell orders. 

Under development for quite some time now, Asia Broadband has integrated many more cutting-edge features in the recent developmental rounds to improve its efficiency and usability in the current market scenario.

These new features allow for the implementation of crypto-backed loans and broker modules while bringing in real-world use-cases like credit cards and gift cards on-chain. Developers are also planning to build a dedicated website for the exchange with a Spanish version for the same. 

While exchanges are not new to the crypto space, Asia Broadband’s novel exchange is one of the first in the world to be powered by a gold-mining company. AABBG’s hybrid characteristics reduce the overall risk associated with cryptocurrencies and give a sense of stability to investors.

This is a good entry point for those users who have been skeptical about cryptocurrencies because of their volatility. Just like the token, the exchange provides a safe entry point for these new investors to familiarize themselves with trade in the crypto world. 

Mitigating Crypto’s Risk Factor

Cryptocurrencies open up new doors in our financial systems for banking the unbanked and making financial services accessible to everyone across the globe. But as mentioned before, the volatility in the crypto market has been a major deterrent preventing people from utilizing this opportunity at hand.

To counter this and get more people involved in the crypto market, there was a dire need in the market for a token that promised some level of stability and yet could rake profits for investors. Identifying this gap, Asia Broadband launched its AABBG token in March this year. 

Asia Broadband is a Nevada-based resource firm involved in the production, supply, and sale of precious metals to Asian countries. Being closely associated with precious metals, the company created an on-chain token pegged to the spot price of gold.

The idea quickly resonated with the people and more than $1 million worth of AABBG tokens were sold within the first two weeks of launch, further establishing the fact that the market was waiting for something like this. 

As AABBG combines the potential of both crypto and gold, the token is uniquely positioned to benefit from the gains in the crypto market and the gold market. AABBG’s stability as compared to other crypto assets combined with its transparency, security, and seamless transferability, makes it the perfect safe haven for new investors in the decentralized network. 

Asia Broadband has already launched a dedicated wallet this year for AABBG and has an ambitious vision for expansion in Central and South America.

Striking the Right Balance

Even though cryptocurrencies are considered to be one of the riskiest investment options, their price rallies in the wake of the pandemic prove to us they’re in fact reliable. If only we could mitigate the risk factor, a decentralized future would be clearly visible.

In this essence, Asia Broadband has struck the right chords by providing the right balance of risk and stability.

The success of AABBG is a testament to the fact that asset-backed tokens could in fact be the key to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and the launch of this exchange could be the key to further propelling its success.  

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