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Asia Broadband retains blockchain expert, further establishing its mine-to-token model

This newly-hired expert will work alongside Asia Broadband to enhance the architecture, functionality, and management of the AABB Exchange.

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Asia Broadband adds a digital asset, blockchain, and cybersecurity expert to facilitate the plan and execution of efficiencies and advancements within its proprietary AABB Exchange. 

Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) is a unique resource company with its hands in all parts of the material mining process. AABB focuses on producing, supplying, and selling metals, primarily within Asian markets.

The company’s business model consists of acquiring highly prospective gold projects in Latin America, then distributing production throughout its extensive global sales network.

The company has also been actively establishing itself within the digital asset space.

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To ensure the process is smooth and strategic, the company recently retained a digital asset, blockchain, and cybersecurity expert.

This newly-hired expert will work alongside Asia Broadband to enhance the architecture, functionality, and management of the AABB Exchange to expedite the company’s goals within the space. 

AABB President and CEO, Chris Torres, spoke about the company’s next move into the digital asset space:

“We are elated with the progress that our Exchange group has realized already by the additional expertise and leadership now in place. Our Exchange operations are advancing rapidly to achieve our core objectives of a robust, efficient and user-focused Exchange with premier security for our users and token holders.”

The company has also announced a release date for its proprietary digital asset payment processing solution PayAABB.

Testing of PayAABB’s network components is in the final stages of completion. PayAABB will offer online businesses payment acceptance and will be launched on September 7th. 

Asia Broadband’s Move into Digital Assets

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Asia Broadband has constantly been improving to make itself the perfect vehicle for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

The company has produced and distributed gold and other precious metals for over twenty years, providing it with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

As indicated by the company’s latest move, it has slowly transitioned a significant part of its gold offering into the digital asset space.

Using its well-establish method of gold production and distribution, it has created something unique within the space with its truly gold-pegged stablecoin.

The stablecoin is a hybrid digital asset backed by the company’s gold mines. Asia Broadband has over $30 million in physical gold reserves pegged to its AABBG token.

The stablecoins are supported entirely by the company’s reserves, with its mining projects acting as the primary source with traditional third-party sources as a backup.

The company is also always building up its reserves. It has recently acquired a completed and certified geological, technical report for its Bonanza Gold Mine Project

The company hopes to make its token a worldwide standard of exchange that is stable, secured, and trusted, thanks to its gold backing provided entirely by Asia Broadband.

Having all the gold reserves held by the token issuer also provides the added benefit of demand-based price appreciation. 

The company didn’t just stop at making its own token

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Image: Asia Broadband

Asia Broadband has also created its own AABB Wallet and a proprietary digital exchange, AABB Exchange. The company has also recently announced plans to develop NFT platforms and galleries

With the newly added digital asset, blockchain, and cybersecurity expert, Asia Broadband will access comprehensive project management experience specific to blockchain platforms and networks.

This will help the company enhance the AABB Exchange’s operations significantly.

There have already been a series of analyses and assessment reports to help facilitate the plan and execution of Exchange efficiencies and advancements.

Asia Broadband has developed a truly pioneering model.

With its AABBG token, AABB Exchange, and twenty years of gold production and distribution, they have created a Mine-to-Token vertical integration operational approach that is working towards creating an independent and decentralized system free from fiat currency.

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