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Attrace is revolutionizing marketing for a tokenized economy – Here’s how

Attrace aims to create a future where both publishers and merchants benefit from the transparency and scalability it creates.


Marketing methods used on Web2 are not only considerably opaque and very often untrustworthy but they may also soon be outdated. For example, affiliate marketing is a popular marketing sector that Attrace targeted initially to bring more transparency and trust into the ecosystem.

However, with the evolution of the blockchain-based Web3 and decentralized applications, we have an entirely new form of economic and information sharing structure. To adapt to this new web, we also need to reform our old marketing models and bring better solutions that are custom-built for the decentralized web.

Web3 will be a space free of most intermediaries, it will have more transparency and trust, and will offer better, more secure payment solutions for all services. These are the exact values and features people will also look for in marketing methods used on Web3. The demand will rise from the need to reduce or curb any manipulation of stats, slow payouts, and high commission fees.

This is the exact problem Attrace aims to solve by leveraging blockchain technology.

Preparing Attrace for Web3

It is evident that the online world is progressing towards the next big paradigm shift in internet applications, Web 3. On Web3, blockchain technology will have far-reaching applications across many online industries. This is why Attrace decided it needed to face the existential question: What will online marketing look like in 5 to 10 years from now?

In November 2020 Attrace came up with a new concept: a blockchain-agnostic referral layer for the tokenized economy called Attrace Referral Network.

It is a decentralized referral layer supported by verifier nodes leveraging all public blockchains and using their transactions as a source of truth. Basically, Attrace aims to position itself as a referral standard for any asset on any blockchain network.

This platform will be the world’s first fully decentralized referral network. It will allow projects and users to leverage external blockchain technology to create trustless referral mechanisms using crypto assets

Advantages of Attrace

The world’s assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains. Attrace can be a key player in helping projects market their assets and services. Here are some of the major benefits Attrace promises to its users:

  • For the first time, we will have completely trustless referral verification that will not depend on any other party or centralised middleware solutions.
  • The solution will have zero privacy concerns for users as the conversions will be tracked without tracking users’ activities across the web.
  • Instant commission payments after every conversion in  cryptocurrency chosen by the seller.

Attrace believes a referral layer is a perfect solution as it is completely decentralized, trustless and works with zero privacy invasive tracking tools as used by any traditional online marketing tools.

With its said benefits, the trustless referral network will be key in promotion and marketing of the future.

Attrace will Go Live with NFT Referrals on Ethereum

The initial release of the Attrace Referral Network will focus on referrals of Ethereum based assets, swiftly followed by Binance Smart Chain and others. The first assets to get referrals are the NFTs. After that Attrace will be leveraged for various other tokenized assets and use cases, most notably dApps.

Attrace Secures Investment From Deribit Founders

Attrace has announced a $2.5M deal with the founders of Deribit, a leading crypto futures and options exchange platform. This investment will aid the launch of the world’s first blockchain referral layer.

As mentioned before, Deribit is a popular crypto futures and options exchange surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade crypto futures and options securely while still providing liquidity to the market. Traders on Deribit have the advantage of zero deposit and withdrawal fees, minimal trading fees, and up to 100X leverage on Bitcoin futures. The platform also provides unprecedented security to its users by storing 95% of all assets in cold storage. This makes it immune to hacking attempts. 


In recent years, it has become quite evident to us that blockchain technology is the future. Pin-point any industry and you’ll find an interesting use case for blockchain technology there. By incorporating this promising technology into the affiliate marketing space, Attrace aims to create a future where both publishers and merchants benefit from the transparency and scalability it creates. Its trustless referral network makes it easy for businesses and promoters to leverage a single referral network to reach potential buyers with ease.  

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